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Sesame Feature Spotlight: Family Reminders and Message Mapping

Family RemindersHere at Sesame, we want to make sure our Dental/Ortho Sesame Members are utilizing our services to the fullest. Our members have access to a number of powerful features designed to help their practice thrive. Over the next few months we will be spotlighting some of these features, and explaining how they can be utilized.

First up: Family Reminders and Message Mapping

Family Reminders consolidate appointment information for multiple appointments on the same day into a single email. If three siblings are being seen in your office on the same day, their parent(s) will receive a single appointment reminder email detailing all three appointments, rather than three separate emails. This will allow all three appointments to be confirmed with a single click! If you are a Dental/Ortho Sesame Member this feature has already been enabled for your practice, but if you wish to update the email that is sent, visit the Email Appointment Reminders page and select Family Reminder from the dropdown menu.

Message Mapping allows you to send custom email reminder templates for different types of appointments. Do you need to remind specific patients to take their medication before an appointment? Would you like your new patients to receive a special email, including a link to your Health History Form, before their first visit to your office? If so, you need to enable the Message Mapping feature in Dental/Ortho Sesame.

To enable this feature first configure your reminder templates on the Email Appointment Reminders page. Next ensure that the reminder is enabled by clicking on the “enabled” radio button. Lastly assign these templates to procedure codes used in your office on the Procedure Settings page.

For more details, please visit the Sesame Help Center, or call Member Services at 866-537-8272.


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