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Sesame at MozCon!

sesamemozcon The Sesame SEO Team recently attended one of the largest and most influential SEO conferences in the countryMozCon. MozCon is a digital marketing conference featuring forward-thinking sessions and networking, centered around SEO and digital media. Our SEO Team looks forward to the conference every year as they take the digital marketing strategies they learn and implement them at Sesame to better serve our members!

To understand how our SEO team is staying ahead of the curve, we’ve summarized three of the most influential speakers’ topics below (but there are many more!). We also encourage you to check out our videoSesame Goes to MozCon—to learn more about the experience!

Strategic Storytelling

Kindra Hall, a Digital Storyteller and Consultant, discussed the importance of your story as a brand. Storytelling has the ability to shape how others see you, be used as a tool of power, and help persuade your new and potential clients to choose you over another business. A good brand story will have a clear goal, grab the attention of your audience, and engage and enable action (e.g. call your office and make an appointment or learn more)!

Link Building

Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz, discussed developing a long-term link strategy. Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks (usually called a “link”) from other websites to your own. A backlink is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. Some key takeaways from this presentation included:

  1. Link Goals – Ranking for key dental and orthodontist keywords and earning direct traffic from link endorsements (e.g. Invisalign, ADA, AAO).
  2. Strategic Approach – Use your dental partnerships, endorsements, and community involvement to obtain quality links (e.g. community events, school sponsorships).
  3. Tactical Initiative – Take the time to reach out to your current dental associations and product representatives to proactively get a link on their website(s).

Optimizing the Patient Journey

Rebekah Cancino, a Content Strategies, UX Person and Partner at ONWARD, focused on the overall user experience for potential new customers when they reach your website. While you probably know your website back to front, a new patient is likely seeing it for the very first time. Understanding the patient journey and how they are likely to interact with your website can go a long way towards driving patients to you as opposed to your competitor. 53 percent of customers said they would pay more if they got the user experience aspect they want. This means that your user experience can be just as important as search rankings.

Our Sesame SEO team is constantly working on implementing storytelling, link building and optimizing the patient journey.

Here’s how:

  1. Storytelling: Members of Sesame SEO have access to content questionnaires which help our members walk their patients through the expected patient experience as well give members the opportunity to tell the amazing stories of their practice and patients.
  2. Link Building: Provides a strategic boost to your website. Search engines see each link as a vote of confidence that you are a credible business and authority in the local area. The SEO team walk our members through the link building process and provide in-dept coaching!
  3. Optimizing the Patient Journey: Sesame website structures are based upon Sesame’s Patient Appeal rating and are designed to make it easy for potential and current patients to navigate and quickly find what they’re looking for.

The Sesame SEO Team looks forward to working with our members to implement these and other best-practice strategies to help achieve success! Please feel free to contact the Sesame SEO Team with any questions or if you would like to chat more about your SEO strategy!

– The Sesame SEO Team

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