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SEO Tools & Tasks for Your Practice


There are many simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks that practices perform with an eye towards aiding their non-paid (known as organic) search rankings.

In this post, I will cover a handful of SEO tools and some SEO optimization tips that you can use to boost your practice’s visibility within Google’s search rankings.


Build a Google My Business Presence

Set up a Google My Business page for your practice. Google My Business allows you to verify your business details and edit them as needed in order to help your business be more visible within Google Search and Map results.

Having an optimized Google My Business presence will help patients find your practice more easily when searching within Google and they’ll be able to see reviews, offered services, and practice hours.

Google Search Console

Another tool you can easily set up is Google Search Console. Setting up this tool is a great way to track your website’s traffic and performance within search results. It allows you to measure your website’s page loading speed, backlink count, and how your domain ranks relative to others.

Keyword Audit

Consider reviewing the keywords and phrases that you are currently tracking. If you are tracking keywords that have no content on your website, Google will not show a page without relevant content in its search results if it has nothing to connect that content to a keyword for which you want to rank.

Make sure that all keywords for which you want to display prominently in the search results are used within content on your website. Remember to write for readability and don’t cram keywords into content with rankings in mind alone – the search algorithms are wise to that sort of practice.

Create Unique Content

Regularly create new and unique content based on the services provided at your practice. I cannot stress enough how important unique content is in terms of rankings.

Typically, most dentists and orthodontists use the same library content for each of their common procedures. That practice is not recommended.

No matter how successful your practice is, rankings will plateau or take a dive when Google crawls pages with non-original content and realizes that the content isn’t tailored to your practice specifically.

Write unique, relevant, content for every page on your website.

In Conclusion

I hope this post provides a nice, brief, list for you to get started with. Feel free to reach out to the Sesame SEO Team for further questions and support!

—Aliah Rasmussen, SEO Specialist, Sesame Communications 

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