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The Pros of a Sesame Premium Website

As a business owner, you’ve done your due diligence and spent time reading various blogs about why digital marketing matters. You understand that it’s 2018 and not being online isn’t an option anymore. What truly matters is building a website that is unique to you, eye-catching and ultimately brings you new patients. Your website needs to be better than the dentist down the street or across town from you. I know this and so do you. To give you some inspiration, let’s look at five examples of amazing websites that our Sesame Web Design team has built. I’ll guide you through what makes these websites stand out!

1. Barlow Orthodontics –

Open up this website and take a look around. What is the immediate emotion evoked when opening this site? For me, it’s that of calm tranquility because of the nice moving ocean, the slight shining of the sun and the gorgeous palm tree. They are using what we like to call a live background. These live backgrounds create a dynamic video that lasts for about 5-10 seconds on loop, making it just long enough to grab your attention. Barlow Orthodontics is located in Florida which is why they chose to utilize the beach to represent their brand. As you scroll down, you’ll notice they used parallax scrolling to help drive and tell the story of Dr. Barlow and his practice. He has all the right assets on his website including links to other pages on his site such as office tours, patient forms, appointment requests and the “why choose us” page. He then offers information about himself as a doctor and includes a photo of his family.

Takeaways from this website:

  1. Live backgrounds can help to capture prospective patients’ attention when implemented correctly.
  2. Parallax scrolling helps to tie together the story of Dr. Barlow’s practice.
  3. Linking to additional pages on the home page helps encourage prospective patients to call or schedule an appointment.

2. Manente Orthodontics –

Let’s dive into the next website, Manente Orthodontics. When you open this website up you’ll notice it also has a live background and uses parallax scrolling. If you move the screen from full screen to tablet size to phone size, you’ll notice that it renders beautifully across all different screen sizes, too. This is called mobile-responsive and is key for showcasing your practice across multiple devices. Whether a prospective patient is in their car looking at their phone or sitting at their computer, your website will look the same. Another feature implemented is the use of animation. On this site, we’ve created subtle ways to make various parts of the website pop. Like when you scroll over the “Learn More” under the Invisalign® section or OrthoPulse® section, you can see how the pop of the CTA encourages you to click to learn more about those features. Subtle animation is a great way to set your practice apart. For me, it makes it seem like you have little tricks up your sleeve to make my smile amazing, but that’s just my opinion!

Takeaways from this website:

  1. A mobile-responsive website creates a seamless experience for patients across all digital platforms.
  2. Subtle animation can help bring your website to the next level by creating a professional, clean look and feel.
  3. Live background and parallax really help drive your practice’s story.

3. Grinz Ortho –

This is one of my favorite websites. At Grinz Ortho, they hired a third-party company to create a custom live background. This video really helps tell the story of the practice. As a viewer, it takes you from seeing the outside to moving inside to the practice itself and then showing how the Grinz team works together. If you adjust it to tablet or mobile size, you’ll notice that the video renders on all platforms without lagging. You’ll notice on the video they have a CTA that says “Who We Are”. This button links directly to their who we are section that tells you right away what sets them apart from other orthodontics practices. If you click on their ‘About’ section in the menu, drop down to the ‘Meet the Team’ section, here you have two choices either the Tucson team or the North Carolina team. You’ll notice they have a team photo of everyone smiling together, on both pages, and have individual headshots of the entire team with their titles. It’s important to showcase the team because a patient will spend a lot of their time with the hygienist. If you go back to the ‘About’ tab and click to meet Dr. Ziehmar or Dr. Freytag, you’ll notice on both of their pages they highlight a little bit about themselves, list out their accomplishments and education and talk about who they are outside of work. It’s key to have a “Meet the Doctor” page on your website because patients want to know what makes you the doctor that they should see. I love learning a little bit about who my doctor will be. You never know, it could be our mutual love for sky diving that brings me into the office.

Takeaways from this website:

  1. Mobile-responsive and live backgrounds make another appearance here and show a different way in which it can be implemented.
  2. Meet the team pages are important for showcasing your staff and show that you all enjoy working together.
  3. “About the Doctor” pages are imperative to have on your website with a plethora of information about your accolades and yourself!

4. Castella Orthodontics –

Alright, now let’s take a look at Castella Orthodontics. The first thing you may notice is that unlike the previous examples, this practice has header images that rotate. This is another great way to showcase your practice while still creating a visual experience that helps you stand out. Castella Orthodontics also uses subtle animations, which are very sleek and encourage you to click on other pages on their site. If you look at this website on your phone, you’ll notice yet again we made another mobile-responsive website. But if you direct your attention to the bottom right corner, there is a button that says “Contact Us!”. When you click on that button you are prompted to either 1) email them or 2) text them. This feature is called tap to text and has been added to their site to encourage patients or prospective patients to text with their office staff in real-time to set, change or reschedule an appointment. The tap to text feature connects directly to the Ortho Sesame dashboard which in turn makes it easy for the front office staff to communicate with all patients. It’s all about finding easy and efficient ways for people to come in to see you! As a typical millennial who has a fear of talking on the phone, I know if I could text my provider instead of calling them, I would take that option in a heartbeat.

Takeaways from this website:

  1. Tap to text integrates directly with your Ortho Sesame system and is a great way to communicate with patients from your website.
  2. Using photos on a rotator is another great way to capture your prospective patients’ attention.
  3. Subtle animations create a sleek and professional look, ultimately creating a simple way to make your website more dynamic.

5. Tingey Orthodontics –

The first thing that captures my eye with this website is the photos because they are custom images that showcase Dr. Tingey and his staff. On the menu, you’ll notice they have a button that says “Patient Login” and “Appointment Request”. These are two buttons that Dr. Tingey chose to have on his website to create an easy way for patients to book appointments and manage their healthcare online. Both buttons connect directly to their Ortho Sesame system. The second thing to note on the header menu are the two tabs that say “About Orthodontics” and “Orthodontics Treatments”. These tabs drop down to deliver more information about orthodontics in general and services and treatments that the practice offers. They’re great because they help to educate patients and prospective patients about what they can expect from Dr. Tingey as well as give them specific details of what they need to know for their appointments. As someone who had braces when I was ten, if I had to do it again in my twenties I would love to know more about Invisalign vs the old school braces. Now I’m wondering, are braces considered old school these days? I may need to go read more on Dr. Tingey’s website.

Takeaways from this website:

  1. “Patient Login” and “Appointment Request” buttons prominently on the top of the website for easy scheduling and access to patient information.
  2. Additional tabs on the menu header that detail services provided by the doctor to help educate patients.
  3. Custom images catch your eye and help you understand who is going to be providing you care as a patient.

Alright, that was a whirlwind! I hope that by looking at what makes these Sesame websites so great you were able to find some inspiration. If you have any questions about how to get started with a Sesame Website or want to chat more, feel free to reach out to our Solutions Advisors! We’re always here to help.

—Alexis Mallos, Senior Marketing Manager, Sesame Communications

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