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    Promoting Your Practice Over The Holidays

    Happy Holidays!

    Feeling festive? ‘Tis the season to take advantage of the excitement in the air and post unique, holiday-themed content to your social media platforms. Don’t worry about having to do anything too elaborate. Simplicity is always key–even when it comes to holiday posts! Below are some ideas that you can try out to start spreading some holiday cheer to your followers.

    Hold a Giveaway Contest

    If you are feeling particularly charitable, consider running a giveaway contest for your followers. First, choose an item, like a gift card or electronic accessory maybe, that you are comfortable buying. Then, take some photos and make an announcement about the contest. This can be done through a Facebook or Instagram post, or even an email blast. The announcement should include the rules and when winners will be chosen. Now, as for the contest itself, be creative! Wackiest Christmas sweater, funniest elf on a shelf placement, best gingerbread house– the possibilities are endless.

    Office Togetherness

    There’s nothing your followers like to see more than the sparkling personality of your office. A great way to showcase it is through holiday photos. They could be of an office party or photos of how your staff celebrates the holidays at home. A great example we’ve seen is a “takeover.” Have one of your staff take control of the Instagram page and have them post festive photos and stories for the season and even New Year’s Eve.

    Ask Followers to Share their Own Holiday Photos

    Invite your patients to post their own holiday photos with a simple Facebook post. Something like “Show us how you are celebrating the holidays this year! Post a photo in the comments below,” is a great way to include them. It’s also a nice way of seeing all the patients who have made your year terrific!

    Write a Blog Post

    Have a little more to share than just a photo or a few words? Use your website blog as your outlet! There’s a lot of different types of holiday-themed blogs to choose from. You can focus on traditions, Christmas memories, New Year resolutions, favorite winter recipes, gift ideas, etc. Don’t be afraid if it’s not directly related to your business. Like we mentioned earlier, showing off your personality is key. Once your blog is live on your website make sure to share the link to your Facebook page so your audience sees it.

    However you decide to celebrate the holidays on your social media platforms make sure to have fun, be authentic, and be merry!

    — Jennie Rogers, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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