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    Promoting Your Practice with Google My Business Posts

    When a potential patient does a keyword search for a new dentist or orthodontist in their area, they are provided with a list of search results. The first three results are referred to as the Local Map Pack or “Snack Pack”. The Google My Business (GMB)/Maps section is composed of Google My Business listings and those listings you see are based on the user engagement the GMB profile receives. This includes the amount of times users click to call, click for directions or leave a review.

    Your practice’s proximity to where the searcher is physically when they complete their search directly affects the results that Google pulls up for them. For example, if I searched “Dentist Seattle” in one part of the city, say Fremont, and then made the same search in a different part of the city, like Capitol Hill, I will get different results! This remains true even if a different practice somewhere in Seattle has more engagement. This is why it’s important to focus on a more localized strategy by encouraging your patients to write you a review on Google.

    A fantastic way to increase your engagement and increase your visibility online is to promote what’s new at your practice on GMB. You can showcase special offers, events or happenings around the office! You can view a Google post by clicking on the Posts tab on the Google My Business listing.

    Every post can include a short blurb (only the first 80 characters show up in search results), photos or even videos to help increase your practices relevance online.

    Event Posts:

    Are you looking to promote an event that your practice is hosting or sponsoring? Look no further! Whether you are giving a presentation at a local school about the importance of oral health or volunteering at a food bank, showcase how your practice gives back to your local community!

    Google My Business Sample

    Special Offer Posts:

    An offer post is a great way to expand your outreach for limited-time offers or promotional sales within your office. Special offers also include a call to action button that directs the patient to your website for more information. Every post can include the terms and conditions of the offer, a coupon code or link to an offers and promotions page within your website. This practice is offering a free Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush for every new patient who joins the practice!

    Google My Business Sample 3

    Product  Posts:

    Show off your newest or most popular products in the office! All you have to do is choose a compelling title and a photo or video that promotes the product. Tell your potential patients about the additional features and added benefits. Have you recently gotten an Itero scanner or started to offer in-office teeth whitening solutions? This example practice recently got new and improved online scheduling software. This lets potential patients know that scheduling with them is a breeze!

    Building signals of relevance and prominence around your practice is crucial for your online success. Our SEO Team actively manages your Google My Business profile while staying on top of the latest trends. Call or email [email protected] for more information about how we can promote your practice using Google Posts.

    — Naomi Ellis, Lead SEO Specialist, Sesame Communications

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