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Overview of Your Sesame Onboarding Process

So you’ve decided to rebrand your practice and need a new website, or maybe you have taken the leap towards better communication with your patients by adding a reminder system. The thought of getting started can be overwhelming. What happens next?

Within two business days of purchasing your new Sesame services, the onboarding team will be reaching out to guide you through the next steps.

Sesame’s onboarding team has one goal – to set you up for success. Providing clear instructions and explanations about processes so you know what to focus on right from the start. Depending on what Sesame services you have, your Onboarding Specialist will help determine:

  • Timeline – Are you redoing your logo? Repainting the office? Getting new computers? All of these can affect your timeline of getting started.
  • Resources – Maybe you need help finding a videographer, or examples of fun, unique team pages, or a link to a great blog about SEO. Your Onboarding Specialist will have this information handy!
  • Advise – Just opened a practice and need to set up emails? Need help determining which computer is best for installation? Your Onboarding Specialist has worked with many offices and can suggest solutions specifically for your practice.
  • Scheduling – Coordinating with a practice’s busy schedule, the best dates and times to start each service can involve many components. Above all, our Onboarding Team are master schedulers.

Just know, right from the start, Sesame’s Onboarding Team is here to help and guide you through your set up process. They’re often referred to having Jedi powers and using The Force to help each practice succeed! 

—Christina Curtis, Onboarding Specialist, Sesame Communications

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Sesame is an industry leader in integrated, cloud-based marketing and patient-engagement solution designed exclusively for your practice. We know that effective patient communication is vital to the success of your practice and the efficiency of your team. With Ortho Sesame, you can take your practice to the next level, allowing you to concentrate on what’s really important – your patients!