Online Visibility Starts with Homepage Content

Homepage Content is Crucial for Online Visibility

In the realm of websites, the homepage is the most important page. In nearly all instances, the homepage receives far more visitors than any other page on a given website. That’s why designers are typically very attentive to a homepage’s physical appearance. 

As the gateway to the rest of a website the homepage must attract a visitor’s attention while clearly expressing the theme of the website (for example, “orthodontic practice in Seattle”). Visual appeal, including the creative use of fonts and images, is normally well accounted for. 

However, optics aren’t everything in the digital world. Getting prospective patients to a practice’s website and keeping them engaged requires excellent content. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of great content on a practice’s website!

Content is King

Regardless of visual appeal, people don’t magically find a website. After all, search engine algorithms are not able to process images and other visual elements on their own. 

Search engines do, however, use static, or rarely changing content, for indexation. Search engine algorithms look at the content on a given page in order to better understand that page’s theme. Without a fair amount of content, they have much less information to aid in the process of placing a page within relevant search results. 

In turn, the page is less likely to be displayed prominently in search results leading to less visibility from prospective patients and, ultimately, fewer clicks through to the site.

The Right Amount of Content 

After realizing the importance of having static content the obvious question becomes how much does a practice’s website need? 

Well, there is no precise rule to guide how much content a homepage should contain. Naturally, the search engines are very guarded about the inner workings of their algorithms so an exact figure doesn’t exist. 

That said, search marketers commonly recommend having a minimum of 300 words of static content on a website’s homepage. Frankly, even more content is probably advisable because the more relevant content listed on the homepage the easier it is for search engines and site visitors to comprehend the point of the page and the website as a whole. 

Of course, there has to be a great balance between content and visual elements. All content that is placed on the homepage should complement the design elements, have a purpose, and not be too overwhelming for site visitors.

What Types of Homepage Content is Needed? 

A practice’s homepage should illustrate the services offered to prospective and current patients right away. That means in a front-and-center sense the practice type should be obvious (Dentist, Orthodontist, Periodontist, etc.). 

However, the practice type alone is not sufficient because in most locations there may be multiple to hundreds of options. That’s why also having the practice’s location, or locations, clearly represented in content is also crucial. 

And the third necessary element that must be reflected is the services offered. For example, as an orthodontic practice, mentioning offered treatment types like early, adult, and Invisalign in the body homepage copy makes sense. 

The overview of the practice type, location, and services offered form the basis of what should be covered. Naturally, plenty of other applicable details can be added as well – information around these 3 traits are just the main necessities. 


In summary, a great website homepage includes visual appeal but also useful and strategically placed content. By incorporating at least 300 words pertaining to a practice’s type and location, as well as services offered the fundamental content necessities will be covered. 

If you have any questions pertaining to static homepage content or you’d like to learn more about how Sesame can build a great website that will help your practice grow please feel free to reach out to the Sesame Team!


—Mike Fitterer, Sr. Marketing Manager II, Sesame Communications

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