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Make Your Practice Stand Out With Custom Content

Content is king – especially when it comes to social media. You want your online presence to stand out from the crowd but also, and more importantly, show off your office’s personality. 

With the Sesame Social service, we provide you with constant, informative posts but we also strive to give you ways to customize these posts to really fit your office and it’s distinctive online identity. 

Each month, the Social Team sends out customizable graphics in which you can insert your own text and branding. These custom pieces are a quick and easy way to give your posts a personal touch and take your social media efforts to the next level!

Check out July’s Custom Graphics here:

The image above holds a few examples of our custom content graphics. These graphics are fairly similar to the ones we post on your behalf, however, we allow you to customize these ones by adding a personal flare. 

For example, say your office is going to be closed for a holiday. A custom graphic would be a great place to let your patients know your updated hours. It’s your chance to add a message or comment to connect with your patients and online followers. 

The more custom pieces coming from you, the better! Whether it be in-office photos, a blog, or even a quick video, we would love to see a few pieces of content coming from you every month. 

Your patients follow you on social media to keep up with the ongoings of the office. While the Social Team is providing you with consistent posts, the superstar pieces (the ones we typically see get the most organic engagement) often come from you! 

—Tyler Harris, Senior Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications 

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Sesame is an industry leader in integrated, cloud-based marketing and patient-engagement solution designed exclusively for your practice. We know that effective patient communication is vital to the success of your practice and the efficiency of your team. With Sesame, you can take your practice to the next level, allowing you to concentrate on what’s really important – your patients!