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Leveraging Online Marketing to Drive Growth & Profitability

Professional services companies that generate a large proportion of  new business via online sources grow faster and more profitably than firms without such lead capabilities, according to a new study by Hinge Marketing, which also found that SEO, blogging, and Web analytics are among the most effective online marketing tools for such high-growth firms. The findings were based on a study of 500 professional services companies.

Among professional services firms surveyed, 77.1% generate at least some new-business leads online; most (48%) generate less than 20% of total leads online and nearly one-quarter (22.9%) generate no leads via online sources.

The study reported that  14.8% of firms generate 40% or more of their new business leads online and such firms lead the pack in business growth and profitability.

In addition, among companies that generate 40-59% of leads online, the median two-year growth rate was 63.9%, compared with 15% among those that generate no leads online.

The study found that leads generated online directly correlate with profitability. There wasn’t any definitive answer as to why, but one explanation given was that online marketing simply costs less than traditional marketing, and online marketing produces better results. In contrast, traditional marketing techniques often require sustained campaign expenses, thereby narrowing profitability.

Take your practice to the next level by expanding your online presence to capture new patients with the Sesame Communications online patient communication system.  Sesame 24-7 integrates performance data on websites, patient engagement, automated patient reminders, social media, search engine optimization and online marketing into one easy to access dashboard. Gain immediate 360 degree view on operations, marketing initiatives, campaign effectiveness, return on investment and operational key performance indicators.

Expand awareness with a Top Patient Appeal RatedTM website and enhance online effectiveness with a professional mobile site for on-the-go existing and prospective patients. Reduce no shows, strengthen patient commitment with automated reminders. Open two-way digital communications with your patient community through effective outreach initiatives. Improve administrative processes and provide patients the convenience of on-demand 24-7 access to appointment and account information, online bill pay and more with a state-of-the-art patient portal.

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Source: MarketingProfs, November 8, 2011. Online Lead Generation Drives Higher Growth, Profitability.

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