It’s Gonna Be May

Welp, in the words of JT, “It’s gonna be May!”. If you’re unfamiliar with this pop culture moment, the song technically says “me” and not “May” but back in 2012 it was “memified” to say May, making JT the king of May 1st. Bet he never saw that coming. Personally, this is a holiday that I can get behind celebrating. On May 1st, consider cranking up all your favorite Justin Timberlake songs and sharing this meme to your social posts!

Throughout the month, there are plenty of other holidays to help boost your social media. We’ve made a short list below with ideas on what you can do to celebrate.

  • May the 4th Be With You | May 4th – We hope you like pun as much as we do! Star Wars Day, celebrates George Lucas’ Star Wars series. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in a TV/projector into the office and play all episodes of the Star Wars series on loop. This can be running in the waiting room or even in the patients rooms. Send out marketing campaigns from emails to social posts letting people know you’ll be playing the movies all day to help fill up your schedule. If you have the budget, we found a website that has Star Wars themed toothbrushes all surrounding the theme of The Empire Strikes Plaque (more puns!).
  • Cinco De Mayo | May 5th – In America, we really like to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. During this holiday, there is a lot of tequila themed posts. If you’re a family friendly business you may not want to post photos of your staff drinking on the job, but we do recommend sharing posts about the history behind Cinco De Mayo. It’s a celebration of Mexico’s victory in the battle of Puebla. The Mexican militia was heavily outnumbered by the French. They won this battle but did not end up winning the war. So today, it is still considered a point of pride in Mexico, especially in Puebla. President Roosevelt made this holiday popular in the US by enacting the “Good Neighbor Policy” and now Americans consume 81 million pounds of avocados on Cinco De May every year! So on this day, let’s celebrate Mexico’s win by educating people about the battle and of course, eating lots of guacamole.
  • Mother’s Day | May 12th – On Mother’s day, consider buying a bouquet of tulips and passing out single tulips to mom’s as they bring in their child into for their appointment. I mean seriously, look at mom go, even on her special day still putting her child first. We love the idea of celebrating mom’s all month long! Maybe even host a raffle giveaway where if a child has no cavities the mom gets entered to win a free massage. What mom wouldn’t love being celebrated with som pampering time?
  • Armed Forces Day | May 18th – This special day is set aside for us to appreciate all active duty and service members. For this occasion, we recommend offering a special for a free cleaning for all active or service members! This is a great way to show your support for your military while also building trust with prospective patients and patients alike.
  • Memorial Day | May 27th – Why not go above and beyond for Memorial day? This year, take some time to host a barbeque the Friday before the weekend in the parking lot of your office or a nearby park. Grill up some burgers and veggies and invite all of your patients. This is great for social content because you can post pictures of the staff interacting, as well as patients hanging out with you outside of normal business hours (with their permission, of course). Don’t forget to  take a moment during your BBQ, to remember those who died while serving the US and thank them for our freedoms!

May is a great month for puns, mums, and hotdog buns. If you can’t celebrate all of these holidays (we certainly don’t expect you to), we recommend creating a marketing campaign around at least one of them and using it as an opportunity to strengthen your brand and create quality content for your practice.

—Phil Horton, Search Manager, Sesame Communications

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