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Is Your Facebook Strategy Working?

77% of business-to-consumer companies (like your practice) acquire customers through Facebook.

Ever notice how some Facebook posts from dental practices—maybe even a competitor—seem to rack up hundreds of “likes,” shares, and comments with ease? Curious as to how these practices’ brands manage to consistently engage their patients and prospective patients?

Studies have shown that the more customers engage with a brand on Facebook, the more they buy, the more loyal they are, and the more likely they are to recommend this brand to others. If you can raise the level of patient engagement on your practice’s Facebook page, don’t be surprised if your practice production rises as well.

The challenge for most practices is how to know what content drives patient engagement on Facebook and finding the time to create that content.

Download our latest Sesame Guide to Practice Success: 5 types of Facebook Content that will Drive Patient Engagement and Loyalty for Your Dental Practice, and learn the proven strategies for compelling Facebook content.

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Sesame is an industry leader in integrated, cloud-based marketing and patient-engagement solution designed exclusively for your practice. We know that effective patient communication is vital to the success of your practice and the efficiency of your team. With Sesame, you can take your practice to the next level, allowing you to concentrate on what’s really important – your patients!