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    Info Prospective Patients Need to Find on Your Website

    Website Formula Elements

    Let’s assume a prospective patient has landed on your site and you’ve caught their attention with the design. Next, they’ll be looking for very specific information about your practice. The content on your site is going to play a deciding role in whether or not the person wants to reach out to your practice. 

    Sesame recently evaluated site traffic for all of the websites we’ve built. What we found was interesting, although not totally unexpected. There are three pages on most practice websites that account for nearly 85% of all traffic.

    They are: 

    • Meet the Doctor – 45% of total site traffic goes to this page
    • Meet the Team – 20% 
    • Office Location – 20%

    Intuitively, these numbers make sense. New patients want to learn as much as they can about the Dr. including that person’s background and areas of expertise. They also want to know about the staff and where the office is actually located, as people don’t want to travel far for any form of dental care. 

    Within this post I’ll break down what types of content should be featured on each type of page. 

    Dr. Bio Page

    The meet the doctor page should consist of a brief bio for the doctor or doctors. Details like educational background, why the Dr. got into the dentistry field, and what that person likes to do outside the office should be included. The page should also be accompanied by a headshot. 

    The page’s purpose is to give a potential patient a better picture of who a Dr. is and what they might expect when they trust the practice for their dental care needs.

    Staff Bios Page

    It’s also common for people to visit the “meet the team” or “staff” page. The purpose of such a page is to reveal more about the hygienists and assistants who work at the practice. This type of content helps people get a more holistic view of what their experience will be like, which is a major step in the decision-making process.

    Contact Us

    The final step in the information gathering phase pertains to contact information. As mentioned previously, people don’t want to travel far for dental care and an office’s business days and hours need to align with that person’s individual availability too. The address and business hours should be prominently displayed on this page in order to clearly communicate location and availability.


    Does your website contain Dr., staff, and contact information in prominent locations? If not, focus on updating your website to ensure visibility for these sections.

    If you’re well-covered in all 3 areas it’s worth focusing on getting good testimonials and sprinkling in some great in-practice staff pictures and video. Doing so can increase website visitor attention and interest. 

    There is nothing that helps a prospective patient feel more comfortable with choosing your practice than actually seeing the people they will interact with. Pictures and videos can help tell that story. 

    Please feel free to contact us with any related questions you may have!


    —Naomi Newell, Lead SEO Specialist, Sesame Communications

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