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In-Office Content: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Showing off your office’s personality is a vital aspect of any social media campaign. Utilizing unique, in-office created content is a quick and easy way to show off your office’s personality and voice. Unique content is a term that applies to the photos, videos, and anything else that are personal to your office. Simply put, this is the content that is distinctive to you! You’re not going to see this content anywhere else on the web or anyone else’s Facebook page. We always look at the Sesame Social Service as a partnership between our team and your office. We provide you with constant and consistent posts but to develop a strong and unique voice, in-office content goes a long way!

Starting out, it is important to document what is actually going on in the office. Literally show your followers who you are! We recommend offices who are just getting started on social media to share pictures and videos of anything and everything happening in the office. Say it’s the office manager’s birthday, take a picture! Did someone bring in a cake? Share a video of them blowing out the candles. Content like this gives your followers and potential patients a feel for your office’s personality without stepping foot in the office.   

A quick tip for starting out – take photos! It’s as easy as that. Document everything to share on your page.

Other examples could be snapping a picture and a quote from a unique visitor, any treats or special things patients bring in, staff luncheons or potlucks… the opportunities are endless! Just take this chance to show off who you are.

Also, don’t worry about sticking to only dentistry related posts. If you or your office is passionate about something, share it on your Facebook page. For example, say your office is really into sports, sharing an article or video about your favorite team shows off your personality and gives your patients an opportunity to connect with you. It’s all about making these personal connections through your posts. People follow your office on social media because they want to stay connected, and these unique photos and videos can do just that

—Tyler Harris, Senior Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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