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Halloween Social Media Posting Ideas

When the leaves change and the weather cools off the Halloween spirit descends upon us. Not only does this mean that Fall has arrived in full force–it also means that this is a great time to fill your metaphorical trick-or-treat bucket with social media content! 

Many practices struggle to keep their content calendars full of social media content. It takes time and effort to continuously put out engaging content on social media networks. Halloween is a great time to really take advantage of everything going on. To help get your creative gears turning, here are a few ideas you can take advantage of to create some fantastic posts.


Right off the bat, this gives you multiple options. Is your staff dressing up for Halloween? Take pictures of everyone in the office. Do you encourage patients to show up in costume? That is a great chance to snap a photo and share it with your followers. Everyone likes to see creative and fun costumes and it can help potential new patients learn about the human side of your office. 


Many areas have a local business trick-or-treat night where parents bring their children around to businesses in the area for trick-or-treating. Check with your local event organizers to see if you can take advantage of this. Conversely, offer your own in-office trick-or-treating for your patients. And of course, take pictures!

Candy Buy-Back

Do children really need all the candy they get going door-to-door? Well if you ask the kids…..of course they do! That being said, you as a dentist or orthodontist along with many parents probably don’t feel the same as their kids. A candy buy-back is a great incentive to keep those sugary snacks out of their mouths while still letting them feel like they have earned something. Maybe you offer five dollars for every pound of candy or a prize for every 20 pieces. Many offices like to donate the candy they buy back to charitable organizations as well. Be sure to show all of this on your social channels. 

Start a Contest

Contests are one of the best ways to generate engagement on social media. Ask patients to post their pumpkin carvings on your Facebook page and the one with the most Likes will win a prize. Another option is to host an online costume contest where patients post their costumes and a winner is determined. Take advantage of what your patients are already doing for the holiday and use it to generate some excitement with your practice.


These are just a few ideas for boosting your social media efforts during Halloween. No matter what you do this year, be sure to take some pictures and share them with your followers!

—Phil Horton, Search Manager, Sesame Communications 

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