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Going LIVE. Facebook Live.

facebook-liveOver the past year, Facebook has undergone some serious cosmetic changes. With each facelift, they have added a set of fun new features. Ranging from adding reactions (love, dislike, laugh, angry) instead of the standard like button, to having all videos in your newsfeed auto-play. However, the newest Facebook feature taking the online world by storm is Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is a video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast from their mobile devices and desktop computers straight to their Facebook newsfeed. Facebook Live can be intimidating to use at first, but the key to being successful with it is picking the right moments to record live videos.

Here are three things to consider before diving in head first with your first live broadcast:

  • Pick Your Moment! With any social media platform, there’s a sweet spot with the amount of content you produce. Too little, and people will forget you exist, too much, and people will want you to cease to exist. So, where is the line? With Facebook Live, we recommend not going live more than once a week. This gives you more time to prepare for your broadcast and make it a memorable one.
  • What to Broadcast? Figuring out what to broadcast can be tricky. You’re a dental office, and you do a lot of great work in the chair, but people may be put off by watching a full on procedure. Instead of going live from Dan’s root canal, you may consider doing a Q+A with the doctor, or a patient testimonial instead. These can be very engaging and informative, and when people are watching live, they can ask questions during the stream!
  • Promote it! The whole point of Facebook Live is to have people watch the broadcast as it happens so they can interact with you in real time! Be sure to post about the upcoming broadcast on your Facebook, and mention it to your patients when you plan on going live. This can help you get a few set of eyes in front of your first live video!

We know Facebook Live is a pretty non-traditional way to generate attention to your practice’s online presence, but remember it is growing in popularity as video content continues to take over social media. Remember, the posts that get the most engagement on Facebook are video driven. Photos around the office are a great way to show you’re having some fun at work, but a live video can take your social media game to a whole new level!

If you need help generating ideas for your next Facebook Live video, our Sesame Social team is a phone call away.

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