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Freshen Up Your Social Media This Spring!


Springtime is all about starting anew. Warmer weather, more daylight, and flowers in bloom– bringing a breath of fresh air to your life and world around you. Since spring is the season of renewal, it’s the perfect time to bring some fresh ideas to your social media campaign. Celebrating spring in the office is a fun, light-hearted way to get your patients involved and to bring some energy to your social media posts.   


The easiest way to bring some spring into your office would be through decorations! It could be as simple as bringing in some fresh cut flowers. If you’re feeling creative, going the arts and crafts route is always a fun idea. If you treat children in your office, a craft station could be a great way to get them involved while they wait for their appointment. Be sure to document your decorations for social media. Patients love to keep up with what’s going on in the office, even when they don’t have appointments scheduled, so these posts help do just that! Here are a couple easy crafts to bring springtime to your office:

Photo Booth:

A photo booth is another quick and easy way to get your patients involved in your office’s social media. Making a spring-themed photo booth encourages your patients to take pictures and shows off how much fun your office is to visit. You can even use some of the decorations you create as props in the photo booth. Just remember to post the pictures on your Facebook page!

Spring Photo Contest:

Asking your patients to share their springtime adventures with you is another great way to increase your engagement this season. You can have a contest where you ask your patients to send you or tag you in their best spring photo for a chance to win a specific prize. You can pick your favorites or upload them all to an album on Facebook where your patients can vote! The opportunities here are endless. Here are some great tips on Facebook contests:

March Madness Bracket:

Is your office full of sports fans? Why not start a March Madness bracket pool. It’s a fun way to get the office staff and patients involved. Give out a prize or just bragging rights–it’s up to you!

These are just a few ideas to get you ready for spring on social media. The main thing is to be active! After a long winter, spring brings a wealth of opportunity to engage your patients as they go through their thaw.

—Tyler Harris, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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