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Fall Content Ideas for Your Practice

Fall is a great time to step up your social media strategy!

Seasonal and holiday-themed content is not only a great way to connect and engage with your patients but it’s also a chance to highlight your values and show off your fun and unique personality all while cultivating a strong online presence across multiple social media channels. In today’s blog, we have four ideas for you to try out!


  • Post photos of how your team celebrates the holidays together and apart – Does someone in your staff deck out the office with themed decorations? Do you throw a party for everyone in the office to celebrate the holidays together? Designate someone to capture those moments in photos and share them to Facebook and Instagram! 
  • Run a seasonal contest or promotion – During the holiday months run a seasonal promotion for a service you offer. Or, engage with your patients by hosting a contest. For example, you could hold a pumpkin carving contests where patients submit photos of pumpkins they carved and people can vote on which ones they like the best. Another idea is a costume contest for Halloween! 
  • Take a break from posting orthodontic or dental related content to share something you enjoy about the season – What do you enjoy seeing while you’re scrolling through your social media feeds? Variety is key to keeping your audience interested in what you share. Viewing the same type of content can grow boring so take a break from work-related content to post a recipe, a photo of fall leaves you noticed on a drive or walk, or a fall activity you always partake in this time of year. 
  • Take advantage of custom content – Every month, as part of your social service with Sesame, we send out custom content questionnaires for you to fill out. Pick out a seasonally inspired graphic or fill out a blog questionnaire. 

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember, the social team is always here to help you strategize your social media calendar and here to answer any questions! 

—Jennie Rogers, Social Media Specialist 2, Sesame Communications

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