Building a Plan With a Social Media Calendar

Social Media Schedule Planning

Are you looking to stay on top of your social media channels? If so, you can benefit from using a social media calendar to organize and schedule out your posts. 

Important Note for Sesame Social Members – if you are a social media service Member with Sesame, you have access to the Sesame Social Suite. It gives you the ability to schedule out your own content, preview posts the Sesame Social team has scheduled out on your behalf and brand your content with your own unique office logo. It’s the most efficient way to keep track of multiple social media channels all in one place. 

What is a Social Media Calendar?

It’s a way for you to keep track of what’s going out to your social channels and update those channels with new content. 

Above is a preview of what the Scheduler looks like on the Sesame Social Suite. You can see when your posts are scheduled for on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Sesame Social posts once a week to Instagram, and once to twice a week to your Facebook business page. We recommend Members add additional in-office content. 

Social Media Calendar Strategy

There are many ways to use a social media calendar. We recommend assigning a person from your team to review the week’s posts and schedule out up to two – five additional in-office posts alongside the ones Sesame provides for you (if you’re a Sesame Social Member). 

Find the posting frequency that is right for your office. The Sesame Social Suite scheduler allows you to see the analytics behind each post you schedule out so you can decide which social platform performs best with your audience.


Let us know if you have any questions along the way. Are you ready to utilize a social media calendar solution in your posting plan? Contact the Sesame Social Team to help you get started! 


—Jennie Rogers, Social Media Specialist 2, Sesame Communications 

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