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Your Brand is in the Air with Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Can you feel it? Reservations for two have been made at every restaurant in the big city, heart-shaped pizzas are being ordered for one, network cable has ramped up on their frequency of playing When Harry Met Sally and your favorite cartoon characters appear on cut out-cards saying “Be Mine.” It’s Valentine’s Day. This day is more than just a reason to see the inside of a Hallmark Store. You can use the holiday to your brand’s advantage in a few fun and creative ways.


The BRACElor/BRACElorette

Buy a dozen roses and offer them to patients that come to sit in the chair. Will they be straightening their teeth for the right reasons?

Created with Care

You can make a custom card for your patients that come in for the day. Perhaps take a craft break this week to create some fun Valentine’s Day cards that you can give to your patients who have appointments on the 14th.

Too Sweet Me

This might be a good opportunity to have a candy bowl out on the front desk. We understand dental health is important, but a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day sometimes can be just what the doctor ordered!

Contest Conquest

Everybody loves a contest! You could ask patients to submit their most romantic story, a Valentine card that they made themselves, or a selfie with their sweetheart, and give a prize to a winner of your choice. This is something you can promote in office and on your Social Media channels.

Any way you choose to celebrate, Valentine’s Day is a great way to show a little love to your patients, staff, and friends. With these strategies, you can believe that Cupid’s arrow will be pointing at your office telling patients to come on in!

—Scott George, Marketing Coordinator, Sesame Communications

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