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    Pranks to Increase Engagement on April Fool’s

    April Fool’s is approaching and that means you’ve got a great opportunity to create content for your practice coming your way. Everyone loves a good April Fool’s joke. Documenting your office’s April Fool’s prank is a fun way to engage your followers and add some diversity to your content. Whether it’s something simple or elaborate, we can almost guarantee your followers (and potential new patients) will enjoy a good laugh.


    Here are some ideas to get you started. Some of them are based off of successful examples we’ve seen in the past, and others are suggestions we’ve come up with for you.

      1. Tied up gloves: Pick a box of gloves and tie them all up so that when you pull one out, you keep pulling out the next one and the next one. Set the box back in the office in an easily accessible spot. Ask a coworker if he or she can hand you some gloves and watch as they are completely perplexed at what unfolds next!
      2. Office full of balloons: Blow up enough balloons to tape behind the window of the main door to your office so that it looks like the whole room has been filled with balloons (even though it’ll just be that small part with the window). Arrive early to set it up, then leave the office and hide somewhere to wait for whoever is opening the office that day to arrive. Watch as they react to what will look like a balloon invasion.
      3. Minty fresh Oreos: The night before going into the office, buy some Oreos and replace the white filling with toothpaste. Make sure the toothpaste is edible beforehand. Bring them into the office and set them on a plate and wait to see who takes the bait. The reaction is guaranteed to be hilarious!

    If none of these examples sound like something you’d like to do, a quick Google search is sure to provide more inspiration. Don’t forget to take video when possible, or take some after photos of whoever fell for the prank to see their reactions. Also, if you tag whoever was pranked on Facebook, their friends will see it and the likelihood of it being shared will definitely go up. Before you know it, you may have a viral situation on your hands or at the very least, you’ll have content with great engagement.

    Happy pranking, everyone!


    —Michelle Hammond, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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