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    Adding COVID-19 Resources to Your Website + Google My Business Profiles

    Helpful tips for Adding COVID-19 Resources to Websites + Google My Business Profiles

    As the harsh reality of the COVID-19 outbreak comes into focus, Dentists, Orthodontists, and their teams of dedicated employees are realizing they don’t just have to worry about themselves and their families, but their businesses as well. 

    Beyond being dynamic health professionals, your practice can be a pillar to your community by offering resources and education online. Although working on your site’s SEO may not be your first priority, your patients are online more than they are in public spaces right now. 

    Currently, the best way for your practice to be a light in the dark is to offer resources that make patients feel empowered when it comes to their oral health. In this blog post, you can find suggestions for providing your audience with content and Google My Business updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Creating Content

    Custom COVID-19 Content – Most of your patients are desperately looking for online resources to help guide them through this global crisis. In order to promote online transparency, I suggest adding content to keep your patients informed about your policies surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. Let Sesame support you by utilizing our COVID-19 resources

    Virtual Health Resources – On your homepage in a highly visible location, add a “COVID-19 Resources” button to make any resources you’ve added to your website more prominent. If you’re offering “virtual consultations” having a prominent link or button is highly advisable as well. 

    Here’s a look at where we’ve added a very obvious link to the Sesame COVID-19 Resources that have been posted. 

    Emergency Care Content The best way to rank for emergency oral health care terms in your city is by creating unique content surrounding relevant emergency terms. You can’t rank for “emergency dental care” or something similar during a crisis if you don’t have content that highlights the way your practice plans to guide your patients through this crisis. Establish credibility by creating a healthy environment for your patients to learn from the safety of their couches. 

    Google My Business

    Now is a great time to update your Google My Business profile to provide the most accurate information to your patients. Sesame SEO customers can work with our team on the updates. With Google My Business, you can include new information such as:

    • Adjusted services disclaimer/hours of operation
    • Business services that are experiencing delays
    • Extra services you are providing for the community
    • Add a COVID-19 update post to your profile
    • Connect with your patients
    • Edit your business description to reflect changes due to COVID-19
    • Note if your business is “Temporarily closed”

    The updates will show on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps.

    Marking your practice as “Temporarily closed” won’t affect local search ranking as your listing will be treated similar to open businesses. 


    If your practice believes in doing what is best for their patients, no matter the circumstance, the COVID-19 crisis is no different. Providing a clear message that resonates with your audience, with updated information about your hours of operation and sanitation processes, is crucial to bridge the gap between your practice and the community. 

    Feel free to contact the Sesame SEO Team with any further questions or concerns, we are here to support you!


    —Naomi Newell, Lead SEO Specialist, Sesame Communications

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