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    A Few Tips for Mobile SEO


    According to a HubSpot guest post by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant, “despite some predictions that mobile SEO will be of negligible importance, mobile search has grown 5 times in the past 5 years—far outpacing PC searches—and the growth is only set to continue with the rapid uptick in smartphone sales.”

    Already mobile searches may account for some 16% of all Google queries, and that amount will certainly rise.

    This means the time is now to ensure your website can be found by patients searching for content on an Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Google Android and any other mobile device.

    Levin offers some valuable tips about mobile SEO:

    1. Create mobile-formatted content. Levin admits that this may seem pretty obvious in this digital age. He says that if you choose not to format for mobile, your content will hold less on-the-go appeal and Google could take unfavorable notice.

    2. Optimize for predictive text. Mobile visitors are far more dependent on predictive text than desk-bound users. Levin suggests structuring your keywords in a way that anticipates common predictive phrases.

    3. Avoid anything that interferes with viewability. Levin issues a warning against the use of Flash and large images. Levin urges the use of smaller size images and shortening ALT tags to ensure they display neatly.

    While most rules for desktop SEO still apply to mobile SEO, It’s best to make a mobile version of your site so that potential new patients can see a clean version of your website and access the information necessary to call your practice. The web is becoming more mixed in terms of the types of systems using it, so Levin insists that you need to be prepared to reach out to multiple audience and platforms all at the same time.

    Source: Hubspot & MarketingProfs

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