5 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Presence

Whether you’re an expert tweeter or brand new to the coop, Twitter can be a daunting territory to master. The proper tools and practices can help you network and engage with more patients in just 280 characters or less. Below, your Sesame social team shares five ways to increase your presence on Twitter and become a pro in the Twitterverse.

Engage with followers

This may be an obvious step, but it’s also one of the most important. People want to interact with accounts they follow and get to know the person behind the brand. You can show off your amazing customer service skills by responding to patient comments and questions. A simple “Glad you like your new smile!” or “Sorry about the schedule conflict. Give us a call and we will make you an appointment ASAP,” can go a long way in the eyes of your patients and prospective patients.


Hashtags are very effective when used carefully and correctly. Select keywords that reflect your branding and the topic of your tweet. Say that Sesame Dental retweets an article about the importance of daily flossing. Possible hashtags could include:

  • #SesameDental
  • #Flossing
  • #DentalHealth

Relevance to your tweet, a recognizable brand, and concise wording are vital to a great hashtag. Using a random hashtag because it is popular or trending might get you some engagement, but it isn’t an effective way to attract your target audience or people looking for your particular service.

Connect with people

Imagine Twitter is a room at a networking event full of patients and professionals in your field. Normally, you would walk around and start a conversation with someone, right? Twitter is no different! Retweets, @mentions and replying to other’s tweets are great ways to start conversations and make new connections online. Interactions can also provide you with useful feedback from your followers and peers.

Build your bio

Your Twitter bio will be the first place patients look for information. Your profile photo, cover photo, and Twitter handle should be consistent with your website and social media branding. Be sure to include a description about your practice, where you’re located and add a link for easy access to your website.

Tweet frequently

There’s no need to tweet 50 times a day (in fact, please don’t!), however, patients won’t continue to follow an inactive account. Stay active on Twitter throughout the week and choose a variety of tweet topics to keep your followers coming back. Videos, photos, polls, and health tips can make your feed both interesting but still informative.

With a little practice and consistency, you’ll be on your way to increasing your Twitter presence in no time. Feel free to reach out to your Sesame social team if you need further Twitter guidance or clarification!

— Caity McCarthy, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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