5 Ways a Great Website Attracts New Patients

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Websites are not created equal. A great site will provide the digital foundation for attracting prospective patients. A bad website will dissuade people from learning more. 

That’s why ensuring your practice’s website is truly top-notch is a necessary business decision. Within this post, I’ll cover 5 key ways in which having a great website will help drive new patients to your dental practice. 

1. Attract Website Visitors  

A great website will help attract “organic” visitors. Organic visits stem from people who perform a search query like “dentist in Seattle, WA” and click on one of the links from the results they land on. 

Factoring in search engine optimization (SEO) to any website, new or old, is a necessity. Search engines like Google and Bing ultimately want people to keep using their platforms. That’s why they show the results deemed to be the most relevant for a given search query first. 

SEO is all about proving to the search engines that a given practice’s website should be prominently displayed in search results. Great websites are built with a strong SEO foundation. Coupling strategic design with ongoing SEO efforts focused on generating excellent search engine visibility makes sizable traffic increases achievable. 

2. Maintain Visitor Attention 

First website impressions count. Visitors make up their minds about a website in mere seconds. If the overall look of a website is dated or gimmicky, people will leave quickly. 

That’s why having a visually appealing site is a must. When a prospective patient lands on a professional and creatively designed site it captures that person’s attention. In turn, that visitor is more likely to stay on the site in order to learn more about the practice. 

3. Provide Useful Information to Prospects

Once a visitor is drawn in via the visual look and feel of the site the content must take over. Effective websites feature direct language – especially on the homepage. 

Dental practice websites must feature useful information for prospective patients right away. People need to know what services are offered and where the practice is located. Sites that make visitors search around the site for this crucial information inevitably lose out on gaining new patients. The best dental websites use simple and effective language that appeals to the needs of people looking for the services they offer. 

4. Encourage Action 

Having visual appeal and direct content that is useful is a great way to get prospective patients interested in a practice. Still, interest doesn’t equate to action. 

A great website will turn interest into action. Having an effective call-to-action entices people to proceed towards becoming patients. 

For example, a well-placed homepage button linking to a “Free Virtual Consultation” portal gives prospective patients a clear action to take. A free “virtual consultation” allows them to learn more about the dental practice and start to build trust in the practice before an in-person appointment even occurs. 

5. Build Trust 

Dental care can be nerve-racking and is not something most people get excited about. In most markets, people also have a number of practices they can choose from. 

That’s why prospective patients need to feel like they’re making the right decision when selecting a practice. A great website experience helps new patients feel at ease before their first in-person visit. Starting out with a positive mindset will aid a practice’s ability to turn that person into a long-term, happy patient. 


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—Mike Fitterer, Sr. Marketing Manager II, Sesame Communications

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