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5 Immediate, Actionable Social Media Tips for Your Practice


Having a successful social media campaign can seem like a daunting challenge but it doesn’t have to be! There are many simple steps that companies can take to make their social media presence grow without taking up too much time or planning. Here is a list of some immediate, actionable tips you can take to grow your social media presence quickly.


1. Utilize Stories

Stories on social media pages are short pictures and videos that are viewable for a limited time (24 hours by default.) Think of them as simple, daily updates. Businesses can use Stories to showcase events that are happening around the office. For instance, if your office is throwing a birthday party for a coworker, a story post showing off the birthday cake can demonstrate the personality of the office! Additionally, Stories offer another element of user engagement, so your audience has a greater opportunity to interact with the business!

2. Have conversations with your audience

The easiest way to make your audience get excited about your brand on social media is by interacting with them! Most businesses can attract engagement from their audience, but few are able to keep an audience engaged consistently. Businesses that have conversations with their audience can create a real connection so patients are more likely to speak positively of them later on. Spending just ten minutes at the end of each day to reply to any comments or questions on your posts will show your patients how much you care about them!

3. See what other companies are doing

This step is one that most people do without realizing it. Are there any brands that you are following that post enjoyable content? Consider how your business could replicate that content in your own style! There’s no shame in using other companies as inspiration for your own. Make sure it is clearly your original work, though. Use other brands’ social media accounts as a guide, not a template. There are a lot of great content ideas out there for you to think about. Plus, this is an excuse to browse social media and claim that it is productive!

4. Optimize your accounts

There are a few easy tweaks to social media profiles that will maximize their reach. The simplest is to fill out all of the info fields, such as location, website URL, the “About” section, hours of availability, and contact information for questions. Once those are filled out, your audience will have all the information they need to become potential patients!

Additionally, you can include specific keywords in your “About” section that will increase the chance that your social media presence appears when people search for your business. Sesame SEO is a great resource for these keywords.

5. Be yourself!

It’s called Social Media for a reason. Your audience wants to know about you! Your patients are bombarded by professional, impersonal posts all the time, so breaking the mold will help you and your business stand out from the competition. Most likely, the people you’re trying to reach are going to be much more interested in the fun and personal elements of your office than the mundane. This is your chance to enjoy it! Let your audience get to know you. For example, if you are really interested in baking as a hobby, feel free to post some of your recipes or favorite tips!

This isn’t an invitation to use your business page as your personal social media account, though. Still, be mindful of what you’re posting and how it will reflect in your patient’s view of the office as a whole. Beyond that, be passionate, and be yourself!


There is much to learn about the world of social media – especially for businesses trying to grow their audience. This can make everything seem overwhelming and complicated.

These tips should provide some quick fixes for improving your social media presence. Applying these tips is what some of the most successful brands on social media do to engage their audience and attract new followers.

If you have any further questions or ideas for your social media presence, feel free to give us a call at 866-537-8272 x1 to get in touch. Good luck, and have fun exploring everything social media has to offer!

—John Messick, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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