5 Always Great Social Media Content Ideas

Ideas for Great Social Media Content

It takes a certain amount of creativity to develop an effective and engaging social media strategy. Fresh and interesting content can catch your patient’s attention, keep them informed with the on-goings in your office, and get great engagement helping your content perform well. 

We know it can feel daunting to keep up with your in-office postings but it is a crucial step to the success of your social media performance and it will also help your online community flourish with potential patients and current followers. Below, you’ll find 5 quick and easy content ideas that will help drive engagement and keep your social media channels up to date. 

1. Patient Achievements

It may seem like a no-brainer, but showcasing photos of your patients and their treatment at your office is an easy way to build organic engagement online. Photos and videos that highlight the experiences patients have during a visit to your office (such as before and after, first visits, and patient spotlights) give patients a glimpse of what their experience at your office will be like. People love seeing you do what you do best – creating and maintaining beautiful smiles – so be sure to show them off on your social media channels.  

2. Birthdays

Staff birthdays are a great opportunity to connect with your patients and your team online. Highlighting a staff member’s birthday allows patients the opportunity to wish them a happy birthday while also giving your team member special recognition. If you’re looking for some genuine engagement, make sure you’re including birthdays in your upcoming posts! 

3. Food & Gifts

Photos of delicious-looking treats and goodies are very popular on social media. Any time someone in your office brings in something special, like donuts or flowers, be sure to snap a picture for Facebook. These types of posts are quick and easy to take and can be a real crowd-pleaser. 

4. Employee Spotlights 

Similar to staff birthday posts, employee spotlights are a great way to highlight your team members on your social media channels. An employee spotlight, however, goes a little deeper than the typical birthday post. They provide a great opportunity to show off your team member’s interests and hobbies which some of your patients might connect with. They are also an excellent opportunity to show off any office pets, who are always well-received online!  

5. Candid Moments

 Capturing the fun, organic moments that happen in your office is an easy way to illustrate the unique environment and vibe your office has. Is there a staff member in your office who is always goofing off? Highlight that person via your social media profiles! Videos of office members having fun (i.e. – doing the latest TikTok dance for example) are always a hit with patients and your online followers. This type of content may be harder to capture, but usually pays off in great organic engagement and gives you a chance to highlight what makes your office truly special.  


To review, coming up with unique in-office content may seem challenging at first but if you keep our suggestions above in mind you can have a library of ideas that can be used more than once and at any time of year. 

If you have any other questions about coming up with the right social media strategy for your office our Sesame Social Team is here to help!  


—Tyler Harris, Lead Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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