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    3 Website Elements Visitors Look for Immediately

    Most Important Website Design Elements

    Your website needs to represent your practice well. Just like Apple or Nike, your practice is also a brand. It’s up to you to determine how your brand should be portrayed. 

    Existing patients know and trust your qualifications. Yet, with an abundance of competition in most markets prospective patients need access to information before making a decision.

    In this post I’ll cover 3 elements all great practice websites include.


    Consistent Branding

    Prospective patients need to know about your practice’s style. Is your office family-friendly with a fun staff? Are you simply focused on high-quality results with no frills? Whatever your practice brand is, your website should reflect just that. 

    Do the pictures, videos, and written content on your site show off what makes you unique? Consistency is crucial. When someone arrives at your website, is your brand apparent? All site pages should show off your practice’s personality and how you want to be portrayed. 


    Website navigation is also an important site element. Are prospective patients able to easily find what they are looking for? Can they quickly identify information about your practice’s staff? Can they locate the services you offer in order to determine if your practice is the right choice for their specific needs? 

    If prospective patients can’t find what they’re looking for on your website they are certain to leave quickly. You have roughly 10 – 20 seconds to catch a site visitor’s attention and then keep them there. If they can’t find what they need, they’re going to go elsewhere.

    That’s why including services provided prominently in the upper navigation portion of the website is so important. People need to be able to quickly recognize what you can do for them. If they immediately find the right information, they’re likely to stay on the site in search of more details. 

    Visual Appeal

    The visual appeal of a website matters immensely. Do the colors match your branding and logo? Are there photos of the office or staff on the homepage so patients can see who they might be working with? 

    A practice must have a visually appealing and professional website in order to build initial trust in the minds of prospective patients. If the website appears outdated or poorly designed prospective patients are more inclined to assume the services and experience offered to patients will also be subpar. 


    By exhibiting consistent website branding, using a logical navigation structure that’s obvious to site visitors, and having a visually appealing site a practice gives itself a great chance of keeping people on its website to learn more. 

    Again, you have just a few seconds to interest someone who has come to your website. Make them count!


    —Naomi Newell, Lead SEO Specialist, Sesame Communications

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