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    3 Top Social Media Trends in 2021

    Social Trends to Take Advantage of

    Does one of your New Year’s resolutions include posting more frequently to your practice’s social media profiles? Well, you are in luck! In this post, I’ll share with you the most important trends to implement into your social media strategy for 2021. 

    With people now spending more time at home due to the pandemic there is a significant increase in the time individuals spend connecting with family, friends, and even brands online over social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now more than ever it’s important to know how to stay relevant to your audience, capture their attention, and get the engagement that can drive the success of your social media channels. 

    Keep reading to discover the top 3 trends to implement into your social media strategy in the new year. 

    Trends for Social Media Success in 2021

    1. Authenticity Matters. Brands with a strong online presence generally stick to their core values, speak with authority, and provide valuable content. What is it that makes your office special or different from competitors? What do you want your audience to learn or take away from following you on social media? These are some guiding questions to ask yourself while you are crafting your social media strategy. The more you can put your own unique and knowledgeable voice into each of your posts the more memorable and meaningful you become to your audience. 
    1. Videos. The use of videos and video apps such as TikTok have grown in popularity over the last year with growth expected to continue throughout 2021. You don’t have to download TikTok to start making videos. Instagram also has two video features you can start utilizing: stories and reels. Videos on social media are meant to be quick, funny, and attention-grabbing. Here’s an easy way to get started: Hop on your Instagram profile and start making short weekly dental tips for your patients to use. 
    1. Community Engagement. Social media is quickly becoming the easiest way for your patients to contact you. Performing quality customer service over social media is just as important as phone, email, or in-person at your office. We recommend checking and responding to all social media comments and messages on a daily or weekly basis. 


    Having a successful social media strategy in the new year is all about cultivating a strong community by staying true to your core values and knowledge base, spending time engaging with your audience base via messages and comment sections, crafting informative content, and getting creative with video. Incorporating these tips will help grow your digital presence and help enable you to stay relevant to your target audience.

    As always, the Sesame Social Team is here to help you with all your social media needs. Please contact us if you have questions about utilizing any of these tips. 

    Happy posting!


    —Jennie Rogers, Social Media Specialist 2, Sesame Communications

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