3 Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts

Blog Post Creation Best Practices

Not all blog posts are created equal. Once you’ve decided on a topic there are a handful of key decisions to make that will ultimately contribute heavily to whether or not your post is a success. 

The title and layout of a blog post are critical contributing components. As a best practice select a simple and enticing title and support the theme with a great layout. If you do, readers will be much more likely to read the whole post and take further action than if you don’t. 

In this post I will cover simple tips for encouraging potential readers to click on your blog posts and read them from start to finish.

Blog Post Title – Simple and Direct Work Best

When writing a new blog post, it’s easy to try and come up with a unique and catchy title. After all, you want to create a post that stands out from everything that’s already out there. 

The problem with being too catchy, though, is that if you select something that’s very unique and creative people will have no idea what the post is actually about. You’ll likely also get lower traffic volumes to the post because search engines will struggle to understand how to index it correctly in search results. 

As a result, your best option is to keep your title topical, simple, and short. Don’t make search engines and potential readers guess what your post is about – tell them directly in the title. 

For example, here’s a title from a recent blog post I created: 

The title is brief and explains the subject matter of the post. People interested in writing content catered to their practice’s market should find this post useful and the title helps search engine crawlers understand what the article is about. 

Be Brief With Text

People scan content online instead of reading it word-for-word. That means brevity is crucial. 

Rather than writing long and flowery sentences, try to be short and concise. Keep paragraphs short and make sure that you’re using bullet points or numbers when it makes sense. 

Use Images in Your Post

Including images along with content helps visual learners understand the points you’re making. Images also help break up longer sections and draw attention to key points you’re attempting to make. 

Here’s a sample from the same blog post I wrote: 

I used the image to break up a somewhat long paragraph and to provide a visual of what I was explaining. The image also helps to draw attention to that paragraph (and to the blog post as a whole) for someone who is just scanning through it. 


So, to briefly summarize this post, using short titles that directly tie into the theme will increase clicks on your post and should help with indexation by the search engines. By keeping sentences and paragraphs brief while adding in images to help clarify points you can really improve engagement too. 

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—Mike Fitterer, Sr. Marketing Manager II, Sesame Communications

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