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    3 Benefits of Having an Active Facebook Business Profile

    Facebook Profile

    Phone books and print advertisements are becoming a thing of the past. The internet gives people massive amounts of information in seconds. When it comes to getting additional information about a business and confirming its credibility, people typically first turn to a practice’s website followed by their social media profiles. 

    Facebook is the biggest social media platform in use. There are billions of Facebook users of all ages. Of those billions of users, there are certain to be people in your practice’s neighborhood at any given time searching for a new dentist, orthodontist, or specialty provider. Since these users have access to many practices at the touch of a button, it’s important for your practice to stand out from the others. One way to do that is by maintaining an active Facebook Business Profile. 

    In this post, I’ll cover 3 reasons why your practice needs an active Facebook Business Profile to stand out from the crowd! 

    1) Provide Basic Information 

    A profile allows practices to list their website, contact information, and a business description. Since any new or existing patients can come across your profile at any time, it’s important that this information remains up to date so that Facebook users can easily connect with you to set up an appointment or consultation. 

    2) Boost Clicks to Your Website

    When someone finds you on Facebook, they are likely to click through to your website as well if they want even more information. This referral traffic and subsequent interaction allows more people to come in contact with your business, helping boost visitor volume to your website. 

    Since Facebook has billions of users, at any moment a user can instantly be directed to your business profile with a quick search. It’s likely that your competitors have Facebook profiles, so why not level the playing field? Plus, you never know if one of your posts could go viral and bring even more attention to your practice. 

    3) Develop Community Engagement 

    Whether it’s a lifelong patient or someone looking to get connected, having an active Facebook Business Profile allows you to engage with your community. By staying active on Facebook, your practice provides prospective patients with the ability to get a feel for the office without having to be there in person. In addition, by posting content and creating genuine interactions with new and existing patients, your practice will continue building strong relationships outside the office that will help ensure people keep coming back. 


    Practices can make use of their Facebook Business Profile to help keep their business active and thriving. Not only do Facebook profiles help provide general information current and prospective patients sometimes search for but they also help drive more website visits and build stronger patient ties to practices. 

    Please feel free to reach out to us with any related questions you may have. Should your practice require additional assistance with your social media presence, please contact us and the Sesame Social Team would be happy to help. 


    —Nicole Gamble, Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications

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