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The teams at Smile Savvy and Sesame Communications have been working together since April to consolidate billing, support, and website hosting platforms. Today, we are excited to announce that Smile Savvy will officially become part of Sesame Communications, now operating as one.

Smile Savvy dentists can rest assured that this development will not disrupt the high level of service they’re accustomed to receiving. All current Smile Savvy products will continue to operate and integrate as they have in the past.


Q. What does this transition mean to me?

Current Smile Savvy clients should not feel any effects of this transition in the immediate term. All of your Smile Savvy products will continue to operate as they have in the past. Over time, you’ll benefit from the deep knowledge and resources of Sesame Communications as we create even better experiences to help you run a profitable and competitive practice.

Q. Are the client support phone numbers/emails changing?

No. During and after the transition, you can use the same primary phone numbers and email addresses to reach Smile Savvy, which will now be handled by the Sesame Communications customer service team.

Q. How do I request edits to my website?

For now, you may continue requesting edits via the Website Changes form. This form will be moving to a new home on in the coming week.

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