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    As a pediatric dentist, you are keenly aware of the benefits of working with  a specialist.  Your ongoing experiences, along with a foundation of 2-3 years additional training, have made you uniquely qualified to care for children and teens in a more concentrated manner compared to the broader focus of general dentists.

    Smile Savvy has 16 Years experience with Pediatric Dental Internet Marketing

    In the same way, Smile Savvy (now a part of Sesame Communications) and our sister company have focused almost exclusively on one segment of the dental community.  From our founding, we have sought to be the leading website and online marketing company exclusively for pediatric dentists.  More than any other internet marketing company, Smile Savvy’s 16 years of experience have enabled us to understand the specific needs of the pediatric dental community.

    Smile Savvy recently joined forces with Sesame Communications, a dental industry leader in cloud-based marketing and patient-engagement solutions. As a result, pediatric dentists now benefit from the specialized expertise of Smile Savvy, plus continued product innovation under the purview of a solutions provider with a proven presence in the dental industry.

    We Understand Your Unique Local Marketing Needs

    While most dentists market directly to their patients, pediatric dentists have to reach another group – the parents of their patients.  Not only does this significantly narrow your marketing focus, but attracting today’s parents to your practice requires new strategies and a specialized understanding of how this group makes buying decisions.  The Millennial generation is unique in that:

    • They are incredibly tech-savvy. They’ve never known a world without mobile phones.
    • They do not use the phone book or Yellow Pages to search for businesses.
    • Millennials have less “brand loyalty” and are willing to change service providers more frequently.
    • This group uses online reviews to choose medical dental professionals.
    • They use social media for health related advice and decisions.
    • This generation of parents is incredibly sensitive about the care and treatment of their children.

    Sesame Communications Builds Websites with Millennials in Mind

    Your target demographic expects your website to be modern.  For this reason, Sesame uses responsive, mobile-friendly design because we know Millennials are more likely to look at your website with a smartphone or tablet than they are a desktop computer.   We know that they expect your website to have online appointment request, new patient forms, and the ability to pay online.  They want multiple ways to contact your practice because they don’t want to talk on the phone.  Millennials expect a seamless experience, with digital in-office check-in that integrates with the technology found on your website.

    Further, all websites are not dental websites and all dental websites are not pediatric dental websites.  Only a website designer focused on pediatric dentistry understands this.  You want your practice to appear professional but fun, inviting and child-friendly.  Your search engine optimization will fail if it only focuses on people searching for “dentists”.  Sesame Communications has more experience gaining first-page Google results for pediatric dentistry searches than anyone else.

    You Have Unique Social Media Needs

    Your target audience also expects your practice to have a social media presence so that the parents of current patients can connect with your business on a personal level and the parents of prospective patients can learn more about you.

    Additionally, your social media content is unique to your specialization – you aren’t likely to talk about implants, bridges or oral cancer.  Instead you’re going to discuss thumbsucking, eruption schedules, baby bottle tooth decay and sealants.  Your personalized content will include pictures of children, silly staff days and educational info for parents.

    Let Sesame Communications Be Your “One-Stop-Shop”

    Sesame understands your dental practice.  We provide patient communication systems, website design, virtual consultation, search engine optimization, social media management, WebMD enhanced profiles, live chat, and more.  We can do it all because we specialize in who we serve – just like you.

    Contact us today for a plan personalized for your pediatric dental practice.

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    Sesame is an industry leader in integrated, cloud-based marketing and patient-engagement solution designed exclusively for your practice. We know that effective patient communication is vital to the success of your practice and the efficiency of your team. With Sesame, you can take your practice to the next level, allowing you to concentrate on what’s really important – your patients!