Use the clues below to figure out the answers to the crossword challenge. The "DOWN" clues are for all the words that read from top to bottom, and the "ACROSS" clues are for all the words that read from left to right. Have fun!

1) A regular visit to our office to see how your teeth are doing
2) This sticky substance makes your braces more comfortable
4) These little stretchy items help your braces work
5) A special kind of string that you use to clean hard-to-reach places

3) We put these on your teeth to straighten them and give you a great smile
6) Something soft and sweet that you can chew after your treatment is complete
7) You do this at least twice every day to keep your teeth clean
8) What we tell you to get you to open your mouth

When you're finished, you can check your answers against the answer key. And stay tuned for more Ortho Crossword Challenges!


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