Sesame Elite Search Premium

Online dental marketing to target your patients
based on their needs for your services

Google AdWords Certifed Partner

Our in-house Search Marketing Specialists are certified as Qualified Individuals in Google AdWords. We select keywords, customize ad text, and optimize landing pages to target the patients you want to bring through your front door. Sesame Elite Search Premium helps you grow your dental practice by customizing an advertising campaign based on your defined demographic, your goals, and the main products or services that you would like to promote. Focusing on this information, we create ads for your dental website to appear at the top of Google search result pages. With 80% of all online searches being conducted on Google, your dental website deserves to be at the top of those pages. Realize the benefits of our highly effective methods of dental search engine optimization that have proven results!

Sesame Elite Search Premium includes:

We work with you to set your advertising objectives expense at a monthly budget that is prepaid and will not exceed that amount. Where can Sesame Elite Search Premium take your practice? Find out with a winning advantage that has proven to bring new patients in the door.

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