Patient Reminders

Keep your Appointment Book filled with
automated appointment reminders

appointment reminder You are not just reminding your patients of their appointments; you are reminding them how important dentistry is to their health. You are also reminding your patients how great your dental practice is. 100% of surveyed practices agree that patients perceive their doctors as high-tech with superior customer service when appointment reminders are customized. Show off your Internet savvy and showcase your dental practice brand by reaching out to your patients on their terms: Give your patients the choice of email, SMS text messaging, or phone appointment reminders.

Achieve peace of mind as you decrease
missed appointments.

According to Medical Group Management Association data, in dental practices the average missed appointment rate is between 18 and 22 percent. This translates into an average loss in revenue of $138,000 per practice, per year, due to missed appointments alone. Unlike other patient software that requires daily scheduling, your staff only needs to set up your appointment reminders once—we take care of the rest. Appointment reminders are automatically sent when you want, including 1-hour pre-appointment SMS text messages to gently remind patients about their appointments. The result is fewer patients telling you, “I got so busy I forgot.” Should patients miss their appointments, we contact those no-shows with an email to reschedule. And when it’s time for patients’ follow-up appointments, we send an email five months after their last visit to remind them it’s time to schedule a new appointment.

Sesame Voice

Is your staff still using the phone to deliver appointment reminders? Sesame Voice is a state of the art Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, delivering communications via the Internet instead of tying up necessary office phone lines. All your appointment reminders go out all at once! Combine appointment reminders with Sesame Voice and all your patients’ communication preferences are covered: email, SMS text message, and voice mail appointment reminders. As you update your dental practice management software every day, our servers upload your data to manage appointment reminders for existing and new patients. Our servers are kept in a secure data center so you never need worry about interruption of service.

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Available Reminders Email SMS text Sesame Voice
Welcome Emails check
Appointment Reminder appointment reminder check check
Procedure Settings check
Recall Reminder check check
Post-Appointment Feedback check
Patient Referral check
No-Show Alert check check
Financial Reminder check check
Expiring Benefits Reminder check check
Flex Spending Reminder check check
Birthday Greetings check
Holiday Greetings check