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Presented by: Chuck Blakeman

Most of our teams are not bringing it all when they show up to work. They’re phoning it in and it’s destroying productivity, revenue, profits, and making our lives crazy! Instead of practicing dentistry, we’re managing codependent people who can’t or won’t take responsibility. It’s all on us. Let’s fix it! Watch OnDemand as Chuck Blakeman goes over how to have a kick-ass dental practice and more free time!

Imagine your office this way:
· People require no management
· Team turnover is exponentially lower; a non-issue
· Every single team member is 100% engaged and brings it all every day

Get clarity on:
· The emerging work world will be built around The Participation Age
· We must replace employees with Stakeholders, & managers with Leaders
· How to become a Participation Age practice

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