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Effective Practice Marketing in the 24-7 Digital Age of Dentistry

whitepaper81% of Americans between the ages of 30-49 are online daily. These individuals include both your existing and potential new patients, making your practice’s visibility online more important than ever.

Sesame recently sponsored a whitepaper co-authored by Dr. Lou Shuman, president of Pride Institute, and Diana Friedman, Sesame’s Chief Executive Officer. The article explores the online consumer landscape today, and how a dental, orthodontic or specialty practice must leverage these online technologies in order to effectively connect with prospective patients. The whitepaper also emphasizes the importance of an integrated strategy, seen in the excerpt below:

Your practice must have an effective online communication strategy to encompass the complete patient life cycle, from acquiring new patients through treatment completion to referrals. And your patients need you to meet them where they are–online 24-7.

An effective online patient connection system needs to integrate several core elements in order to optimize your practice brand visibility, efficiencies and effectiveness. These core elements include a well optimized website, social media, online marketing, online 24-7 patient login functionality, automated digital reminders and a secure online clinical collaboration platform. Combined, they afford your practice a 360˚ connection to your market.

The article examines each element of an effective patient connection system, supported by industry data and Sesame’s internal research studies.  The 24-7 digital age of dentistry is here, and now is the time for your practice to take part. Learn more about being online and in touch with your patients by downloading the Effective Practice Marketing in the 24-7 Digital Age of Dentistry whitepaper.

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