Dan Wicker
Presented by: Dan Wicker

The scope of the lecture ranges from graduating dental school to preparing your estate for your heirs. The Accumulation Phase consists of your practicing career, in which you spend approximately 30 years accumulating enough assets to retire financially free. The Preservation Phase starts prior to your retirement, encompassing everything from the transitioning of your practice and your life as a working individual to making sure that your accumulated assets will be able to sustain your lifestyle for at least 30 more years.

Therefore, we will teach you: the proven math behind wealth accumulation, which tax strategies will further your plan, what the most beneficial investment environments are, and how to maximize your cash flow. Furthermore, we will update you on the current pension laws, tax strategies for a dentist, and how to come up with the money to fund for your retirement.
By the end of this lecture you will be able to: (1) set the foundation to define what your most advantageous pension plan is; (2) understand the math proving the advantage of tax-deferred growth; (3) explain the tax benefit of particular investments; (4) set realistic goals for your personal financial plan; and (5) explain how to find the balance between debt reduction and wealth accumulation.