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The Digital Dental Practice - 2014

2014 Dental Market Survey - Digital Marketing and Patient Communications The Internet has become a powerful global game changer, impacting how businesses interact with their market and transact their services. Dentistry has not been immune to the profound effect

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Social Media Marketing

As Internet search engines and social media play an ever-increasing role in social interactions and marketing, dental and orthodontic practices can no longer rely solely on traditional forms of advertising and marketing communications to connect with their patients.

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Effective Practice Marketing in the 24-7 Digital Age of Dentistry

The new paradigm introduced by the Internet has drastically and fundamentally changed how consumers seek, evaluate and communicate with service providers. Google, Bing and Yelp have replaced the Yellow Pages as the lead sources of information. Word-of-mouth and referrals have

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Practice Marketing and Patient Communications Platforms in the Digital Age of Dentistry

The new digital age of communication can be overwhelming and intimidating, as we move from face-to-face experiences, tangible documentation,and brick and mortar environments to virtual conversations, digital documentation, and online experiences.

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Technology Meets Tradition

The relationship between dentist and patient is a unique and privileged one. It requires a high degree of trust and active communication from both sides to actualize treatment and manage care.

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Get Found AND Get Chosen

Unprecedented research reveals keys to creating a web site that engages prospective patients It is no longer simply enough to place an ad in the Yellow Pages; dental practitioners must have an online presence in order to keep their practices healthy.

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How Consumers Choose Cosmetic Dentists Online

As a cosmetic dentist, you’ve likely invested a lot in your web site and search engine marketing to make sure prospective patients find you online.

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