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One Year to a Happier, More Motivated Team

with Ankur Gupta

guptaIn the opinion of this speaker, our professional happiness doesn’t come from the depth of our clinical knowledge or the profitability of the practice; rather, it comes from the collective happiness of the team that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.  One crabby individual can ruin an otherwise great day, just as an inspiring and upbeat group can provide energy and positivity no matter how the rest of the day goes.  In this Webinar, Dr. Gupta describes the steps, when properly implemented, that will keep your team energized, accountable, valuable, and a joy to be around.  

Course Objectives:

  • To describe the importance of regular team meetings and huddles, and the concise content for such meetings
  • To break-down, in specific terms, the five essential documents that must be associated with each employee’s file
  • To provide several fun and inspiring activities for dental teams that will increase their sense of ownership in the practice and realization of their own personal valuable contribution to the team
  • To make human resources (HR), fun, consistent, and worthwhile
April 23 2015

10:00 am PT

Communication Strategies for 2015 and Beyond: Using the Right Words to Achieve the Best Results!

with Amy Morgan

webinar-morganGreat patient communication is not a luxury, it is essential if you are looking for loyalty, value and long-term commitment! Every patient (new and existing) deserves to be communicated to in a way that:

  • Makes them feel listened to
  • Makes them feel respected
  • Makes them realize you have the best solution that fit their needs
  • Makes them want to do, what YOU want them to do

In this Webinar Amy Morgan will share the latest in influencing strategies from 1st call through on-going patient care that truly inspires patients to say yes and refer.

April 29 2015

10:00 am PT

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