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7 Ways to Gain Patient Engagement Online and Accelerate Practice Success

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleA Webinar for Dental Health Product, Inc. customers.

Digital patient engagement and marketing platforms need to be comprehensive and drive improvements in practice efficiency and effectiveness so as to provide a clear positive ROI.

A comprehensive patient [...]

7 Things To Never Say in Your Message On Hold

with Julie Cook

download (3)Want to make your callers feel unimportant?  Use phrases like, “your call is important to us” in your message on hold.  If you are using this phrase and others, expect your patients to say, “if my [...]

Writing for Social Media: Why Content Matters Part 1

with Lindsey Bluher

Lindsay_wbinarDo you feel you’re not getting nearly enough interaction with patients on Facebook? More and more doctors are realizing there is a secret behind posting on their social media sites. In part 1 of this 2 [...]

Keeping Your Schedule Full

with Mark Murphy, DDS, FAGD

downloadGetting and Keeping New Patients are two of the most important metrics for a dental practice. Most teams track how many new clients but do not measure ‘customer’ retention or the behaviors that affect it.  Monitoring [...]

The Dentist Essentials – Game Plan for Wealth Accumulation -10 Important Factors to Financial Growth

with Dan Wicker

Dan WickerThe scope of the lecture ranges from graduating dental school to preparing your estate for your heirs. The Accumulation Phase consists of your practicing career, in which you spend approximately 30 years accumulating enough assets to [...]

Online Reviews: How To Create Social Proof For Your Practice

with Naomi Cooper

webinar-cooperThis course will demonstrate why prospective patients are more likely to choose one practice over another when searching for a dentist online. Learn how to ensure that happy patients post positive reviews of your practice and [...]

Digital Patient Engagement Platform & Practice Success

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleIn this webinar you will learn all about digital patient engagement, what it is, how it drives overall performance, how it can help your practice’s online reputation, and additionally grow cases to successfully ensure long term, [...]

4 P’s Of Patient Experience

with Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca

webinar---gorczycaYour Patient Experience may be as important as the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan. In this webinar Dr. Gorczyca discusses 12 Tips for your 2014 marketing calendar to help you create a warm, happy, fun office [...]

Social Media Pictures Say a Thousand Words

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleIn this Webinar you will learn what Facebook users look at when they visit your business page and understand what graphics evoke the best response from your Facebook community. Participant will receive a year’s worth of [...]

12 Tips for Relationship Marketing

with Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca

webinar---gorczycaRelationship Marketing is initiated by interactions with your colleagues. When it comes to referring doctors and relationship marketing, five keywords come to mind: educate, communicate, participate, produce, and thank. In this webinar, Dr. Gorczyca will discuss [...]

ABCs of Public Relations Marketing

with Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca

webinar---gorczycaPublic Relations Marketing includes all of the exposure of the doctor, team, and dental practice in the community. This webinar will discuss 12 Public Relations Tips for your 2014 marketing calendar which Dr. Gorczyca describes as [...]

The Truth About Online Reviews (and why no one can publish your surveys on Google!)

with Larry Emmott, DDS

webinar-emmottIn this Webinar Dr. Larry Emmott shares practical advice and direction on how to use online reviews to energize practice growth and profitability. Dr. Emmott will discuss the rules of the road when it comes to [...]

Getting the Most out of Google’s Recent Local Update

with Katie Blatman

webinar-blatmanGoogle has once again updated their local platform and the landscape of Local SEO is rapidly changing. During this webinar we will be discussing how Google’s local platform has changed over the last few years and [...]

Banishing the Broken Appointment

with Rhonda Savage, DDS

webinar-savageAre broken appointments, last minute cancellations and unmet case acceptance expectations “Driving You Wild?”  This revealing, informative Webinar discusses those things you may be inadvertently doing in your practice that actually increase broken appointments.  Clearly defined policies [...]

Building Your Online Reputation With Healthgrades

with Tim Williams

Tim_NewMany practices are surprised to find there are profiles for them on sites like Yelp, Google+ Local, and Healthgrades, even though they’ve never set them up. Even more surprising may be that patients have already been [...]

How to Market Your Invisalign Production Day

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleHosting an open house (Invisalign Production Day) is a great way to drive new Invisalign patients into your practice.  Join this Webinar and learn how to best market your Invisalign Production Day to ensure the maximum [...]

How to Reduce Unscheduled Treatment

with Gene St. Louis

GeneMost patients today base major decisions, such as extensive dental treatment, on multiple factors – including full comprehension of the need for treatment; the importance of the procedure to them in terms of quality of life, [...]

The Power of Facebook and Videos in Dentistry

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleIn this Webinar you will learn why posting video on Facebook is so powerful and the types of videos that will make the most impact on patients and prospective patients.  You will also learn how to [...]

Attracting New Patients: 4 Secrets Every Dentist Must Know in 2014

with Naomi Cooper

webinar-cooperDentists: if you and your team members are stumped when it comes to modern marketing tactics, then this Webinar is for you. In this Webinar, Naomi Cooper, a renowned dental marketing expert and Pride Institute’s Chief [...]

Internal Marketing Musts

with Ankur Gupta

guptaEvery dental practice is barraged with options to increase their number of new patients.  Some options are extremely inexpensive and highly effective.  In this one hour Webinar, Dr. Gupta shares several internal marketing initiatives that often [...]

Coaching Patients to Optimum Oral Health

with Carol Jahn

jahn100This course is designed to help dental professionals develop the coaching skills needed to enhance behavior change. Practical daily office applications will be reviewed including the beliefs and values about dental floss and its impact on [...]

Writing for Social Media – Part 2

with Lindsey Bluher

Lindsay_wbinarDo you feel you’re not getting nearly enough interaction with patients on Facebook? More and more doctors are realizing there is a secret behind posting on their social media sites. In part two of this series, [...]

15 Ways to Get More Invisalign Patients

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleWant to grow your Invisalign practice?  In this Webinar, Rachel Mele will review 15 ways to drive Invisalign patients into your practice through effective marketing strategies.  Walk away with tips and tricks that can be implemented [...]

Google Juice for Dentists – Using the Internet Effectively

with Larry Emmott, DDS

webinar-emmottIn 2014 a practice web page is no longer optional. Like it or not people will judge you based on your internet presence and your online reputation. This program will show you how to develop web [...]

The Most Profitable Changes I Made to My Dental Office

with Ankur Gupta

guptaPlease join Dr. Gupta as he describes how a number of small improvements in the way he ran his small private dental office resulted in tremendous growth, not only in new patients and production, but in [...]

What’s Your Marketing Strategy for 2014

with Amy Morgan

webinar-morganThere is a famous quote that “those that fail to plan, plan to fail”.  Too many marketing activities are thrown into the mix last minute with no real expectation of return.  It’s 2014, time to act [...]

The Power of Like

with Alisa Gutierrez-Vitello

webinar-alisaEver wonder what value there is in someone liking your practice’s Facebook page? This Webinar explores the power of social networking and the real-world, bottom line impacts your practice can achieve by harnessing this unique medium. [...]

The 5 Elements of a Thriving Dental Practice

with Gary Takacs

gary takacsIn this Webinar Gary will describe the 5 elements that will allow your practice to thrive in any economy.  The Webinar will begin by defining 6 specific goals for a successful practice in 2013 and beyond.  [...]

Things that are Measured, Improve: The 20 Most Important Metrics in a Dental Practice

with Gary Takacs

gary takacsIn this Webinar Gary will outline the 20 most important key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure in your dental practice.  Gary will demonstrate how to customize each KPI to your particular practice as well as how [...]

365 Days of Dental Facebook Posts

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleIn this Webinar attendees will learn what to say and when to say it on Facebook, how to get patients and prospective patients to comment on Facebook posts and how to implement office protocol to ensure [...]

5 Holes in Your Bucket: Facts You Must Know Before Spending Money to Get New Patients

with Naomi Cooper

webinar-cooperHave you ever wondered why your new patient numbers just aren’t where you want them to be? Ever wish you could just snap your fingers and magically turn on that “new patient flow?” If this fantasy [...]

Job Description – A Clear Direction

with Sally McKenzie

sally-m-75x100Learn why employees don’t carry out their assignments as the dentist expects them to. Statistics state that 25% of employees are unclear about what they are expected to do, they don’t have the materials or tools [...]

Writing for Social Media: Why Content Matters – Part 2

with Brandon Knapp

webinar-knappDo you feel you’re not getting nearly enough interaction with patients on Facebook? More and more doctors are realizing there is a secret behind posting on their social media sites. In part two of this series, [...]

Beyond Facebook

with Larry Emmott, DDS

webinar-emmottWhat happens in Vegas stays on…Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social Media is an amazing phenomenon that has revolutionized how we use the Internet and how we interact. However Social Media is not just Facebook; it is [...]

2013 Web Trends for New Patient Acquisition

with Brittany Hunt

Brittany HuntStaying on top of the latest technology in the dental industry is essential to your practice’s success. When keeping up on the latest educational seminars, tools, and technology, don’t forget that your front door – your [...]

Successful Dental Partnerships: A Step-by-Step Process to Practice Transitions

with Dan Wicker

Dan WickerThe topics covered during this Webinar will give you a thorough outline of considerations to be made when contemplating a partnership. Finding an appropriate value for the practice and somebody who wants to buy it is [...]

Online Reviews: Listen, Strategize, Respond

with Alisa Gutierrez-Vitello

webinar-alisaSince word of mouth referrals have moved into an online forum, it’s important that you be an active participant in the conversation that is taking place. Are you showing thanks on those 5 star reviews? Are you worried [...]

One Hour Dental MBA

with Howard Farran

webinar_farranThis course will provide the tools needed to help build a great, meaningful and profitable dental office.  Applying these tools provides the ultimate staffing formula to create high energy for performance under stress and still achieve [...]

Sesame Social: Secrets to Social Media Success

with Brandon Knapp

webinar-knappYou have social networks, now what? Your online community is your strongest referral base and Sesame Social makes it easy for your practice to connect and engage with current and prospective patients. Learn how to utilize [...]

Converting the New Patient Inquiry to First Appointment

with Ross Vera

webinar-veraEvery orthodontic practice must look at their phone skills with fresh eyes to succeed in this competitive environment. Join Pride Consultant Ross Vera in exploring why 40% of all Orthodontic inquiries fail to appoint or show [...]

Growing Your Practice: Internal/External Marketing

with Terry Sellke, DDS, MS

webinar-sellkeInternal marketing involves getting patients to refer patients. Patient referrals should represent 30% or more of the new patient exams you see every year. How about your practice? Do you meet or exceed this number? Attracting [...]

Growing Your Practice: Building DDS Referrals

with Terry Sellke, DDS, MS

webinar-sellke28 years of JCO surveys have consistently shown that 50% of the patients we will ever treat come to us as a direct result of dentist referrals. A 2006 AAO sponsored survey showed (43% responded) this [...]

The Future of Orthodontics

with Terry Sellke, DDS, MS

webinar-sellkeA Sesame Guest Expert Webinar by Dr. Terry Sellke of The Bottom Line. Times are changing… again. Dr. Sellke has made it through five recessions in his practice life, and this recession is very different. If [...]

Creating Win/Win GP Relationships (for Ortho/Pedo only)

with Amy Morgan

webinar-morganThe key for a specialty practice to succeed in today’s environment is creating exciting and mutually beneficial relationships with your existing and potential general practices. In this Webinar you will learn new tools to create deeper [...]

New Communication Strategies to Get to the ‘Yes’

with Amy Morgan

webinar-morganIn this challenging economy it is essential that the dentist and team develop new tools to get the patient to say “yes”… and mean it! The secret to taking a new patient from inquiry to appointment [...]

Start the New Year with a Bang! – The 4 Must Haves for Success This Year

with Amy Morgan

webinar-morganAmy will discuss how to:

Create a vision and strategy for the year
Create SMART goals to drive your success
Surprise and delight your patients, parents and dental community
Surprise and delight your team – Educate, motivate, and compensate to [...]

Email Newsletters – Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

with Terry Miller

webinar-millerIf you haven’t made the decision to add email newsletters to your marketing mix or if you have made the decision but are unsure about how to do it right, this is the Webinar for you.

In [...]

Invisalign Marketing – Tips for Practice Success

with Rachel Mele

webinar-meleWhat does it take to get an Invisalign patient to pick up the phone and say yes to treatment? In this webinar, Rachel Mele will provide practical recommendations on how to effectively market to existing and [...]

Does Your Practice Brand Drive the Marketing Message?

with Michael Fleming

webinar-flemingMichael will discuss and define the differences between the passive creation of your brand, and the active marketing communications you create. Discover how your practice brand is generated, managed, and modified and how your practice culture [...]

High Tech Destination Dentistry

with Larry Emmott, DDS

webinar-emmottThe traditional model of a dentist setting up an office and serving the local population is still important, but it is no longer the only way to do it. Worldwide people are becoming aware of high [...]

Creating a Consistent Brand: Communicating What Makes You Unique

with Naomi Cooper

webinar-cooperA brand is what makes a practice unique. It attracts and engages patients who connect with you because of who you are and what you offer. Any marketing strategy will be flawed if it does not [...]

Crafting Your Practice’s Social Media Calendar

with Naomi Cooper

webinar-cooperWith all of the new types of electronic communication available to today’s dental practice, it’s easy to feel a little intimidated about staying organized, not to mention constantly coming up with relevant and compelling blog posts, [...]

Marketing Basics: A Mini Diagnostic

with Naomi Cooper

webinar-cooperIn this webinar, marketing expert Naomi Cooper, who has over a decade of dental marketing experience and serves as Chief Marketing Consultant for Pride Institute, will provide a framework for practices to evaluate where they are [...]

Stop Cancellations: A Team Approach

with Suzanne Bush Black

webinar-blackThis fun filled, action-packed seminar will enable your entire team to remove stress from your day by applying proven strategies to reduce cancellations even in a down market. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a team [...]

The Non-Verbal Advantage: It’s What You Don’t Say That Counts

with Suzanne Bush Black

webinar-blackIn this one-hour Webinar, Suzanne reviews the keys to making a great impression both visually, through your presentation, clothing choices, eye contact, materials as well as your body language. This Webinar—The Non-Verbal Advantage—gives you and your [...]

Closing the Back Door – Patient CPR, Recall, Reactivation, and Retentions

with Suzanne Bush Black

webinar-blackManaging recall, reactivating patients and retaining new patients is a challenge every practice faces. You will learn concrete communication skills being used successfully in practices nationwide. In this interactive Webinar, you will learn how to:

Create effective [...]

Jump Start Your Year

with Suzanne Bush Black

webinar-blackSuzanne will walk you through the planning process for creating a powerful year of prosperity. She has helped thousands of practices create a plan to get off on the right foot in the new year. You [...]

Make Employment Compliance Easy and Fun!

with Lois Banta

webinar-bantaThis Webinar is designed to take the “mystery” out of employment compliance; addressing the common mistakes made by employers, what is necessary in the dental practice to avoid the pitfalls, and how easy it is to [...]

The Profitable Niche of Dental Headache Care

with Ronald Ritsco, DMD, MS

Ronald_RitscoThe National Headache Foundation suggests that more than 29 million Americans suffer from migraines, with more than 157 million work and school days lost each year due to pain. The number of patients suffering from pain [...]

Online Reviews Demystified: The Secrets to Providing Social Proof for Your Practice

with Naomi Cooper

webinar-cooperIn this webinar, attendees will learn why online reviews and online reputation management are such an important component within a dental practice’s marketing and social media strategy. Designed for doctors and teams who want to maximize [...]

Top 10 Mistakes in Building a Dental Website – And How To Avoid Them

with Brittany Hunt

Brittany HuntYour website is your best opportunity—outside of a face-to-face discussion with a patient—to communicate what you and your staff value, and what makes your practice unique. Building a website that is primarily focused on patient needs, [...]

GET FOUND: Increase your practice visibility online

with Amy Sanford

Amy SanfordIn this webinar, attendees will learn about Sesame SEO and its new features including updated reporting, competitive analysis and advanced ranking strategies. Amy will explain Google’s transition from Google Places to G+ local and the best [...]

How to Have an Engaging and Compelling Meeting with ACTION!

with Amy Morgan

webinar-morganPeople love movies but dread meetings. Take a moment to think about the last time you got excited about seeing a movie. Why? Movies are filled with excitement, storytelling and a cast of characters. They have [...]