“The leadership we’ve received from Sesame on the search front has been outstanding. We never realized how much value we could gain from our website.”
– Dr. Keyla Springe


  • 100% of keywords on page 1
  • 83% of keywords rank #1
  • Moved up 5 positions after implementing Sesame SEO
  • 16 new patient calls from organic search in April 2013


  • Accurately tracking the amount of new patients being received through our practice website
  • Being well represented in local search results
  • Limited time and expertise in search engine optimization

Strategic Solution

  • Professionally-managed search optimization makes it easier for new patients to find your practice
  • Target your local community by being well represented in local search results
  • Stay informed of patient reviews with online review monitoring

Practice Profile

Dr. Keyla Springe was a dentist for almost 10 years in Brazil before becoming a dentist in the United States. She has owned her practice in Paso Robles for almost 14 years.
She earned her Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry and is in the process of earning her Mastership.

Paso Robles, CA