“Having a Sesame Mobile website has made it much easier for prospective patients on-the-go to connect with our practice”
– Dr. Jeffrey Seymour


  • 193.3% increase in website views by those using a mobile device over a five month period
  • 76.9% of total page views are from unique visitors
  • Google has sent 66% of total traffic received to Dr. Seymour’s mobile site
  • After launching his mobile site, total website visits rose by 37.7%


Connecting with prospective on-the-go patients who have limited time to dedicate towards finding an orthodontist


Take advantage of the fast growing mobile market, where consumers with children spend an average of 6.1 hours a day seeking information online using their mobile smart phones1

Strategic Solution

Dr. Seymour positioned himself at the forefront of technology by launching a Sesame Mobile website which can be viewed on smartphones and other portable Internet-ready devices.

The simple to use Sesame Mobile design delivers only the most relevant data to the prospective patient, allowing them to quickly and easily ascertain the needed information to make the decision to call the practice.

Mobile traffic from on-the-go consumers has been growing drastically. Dr. Seymour is prepared for this new trend in consumer behavior of his target demographic with a mobile-optimized, practice-branded web presence.

1Moms Adopting Mobile Web, Adweek.come, 2011

Practice Details

Offers comfortable, timely and tailored orthodontic care for children and adults
Located in a rapidly growing area where almost half the households have children under 18 years of age
Dedicated to being on time and providing top-notch service to busy, on-the-go patients