“Dr. May and I are most proud of our new website that Sesame helped us build. It took us 10 years to decide to build one, so this was a huge decision. We are so glad we expanded our online presence to include a Facebook page built and well maintained by Sesame. This has been a wonderful marketing tool and has proven to increase the number of our new patients.”
– Stephanie Archer, Office Manager


  • 76.5% of patient calls from Sesame Premium SEM service (tracked by Sesame First Call™) were from new patients
  • 29% of new patient calls came from their organic online presence, tracked by Sesame First Call
  • Over 15,000 online impressions from Sesame Premium SEM efforts
  • 109% increase in the number of active users for the practice Facebook page over 120 days
  • A 27.3% increase in website traffic in just four months from November 2010 to February 2011


  • Missing great opportunities to gain new patients through online tools such as a website and social media, but didn’t know where to start
  • Limited time and no internal practice expertise to dedicate towards online marketing efforts
  • Needed new and effective ways to recruit new patients
  • Identified need to establish better ongoing connections with current patients


Reaching a great deal of prospective patients by breaking into the online world rather than relying on ineffective, antiquated, and costly marketing methods

Strategic Solution

To maximize effectiveness in reaching out to current and prospective patients, Dr. May chose to develop a comprehensive online strategy with Sesame.

This includes a research-based, Top Patient Appeal Rated™, Sesame Designed Site, Sesame Search Engine Optimization services, Pay-Per-Click-Online advertising using Sesame Premium Search Engine Marketing , and a comprehensive, practice-branded social media campaign including recurring postings on Facebook, YouTube page, and Twitter. Additionally, with Sesame Social, Dr. May has recently launched an onsite blog to establish a discussion forum for the practice to interact directly with patients online on a regular basis. Combining these Sesame solutions has enabled Dr. May’s practice to flourish in a highly competitive orthodontic market.

Practice Details

Orthodontics for children, teens and adults
30 years of experience providing high quality service
Specializes in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics
Sophisticated and competitive local market