The Benefits of Content Questionnaires

You already know that SEO and social media are vital parts of your practice’s online marketing strategy. You also know that content questionnaires are a great tool to have for your SEO and social efforts. Today, we’ll be expanding on how Sesame’s questionnaires benefit SEO and social media individually, and how the two overlap. So if you’ve been neglecting those […]
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Debunking Common SEO Myths

As machine learning and artificial intelligence improves, search engines are getting better at providing the most informative answers to ambiguous queries. Whether you’re looking for a new dentist or the best dumpling place within fifteen minutes of your office, a business with a strong SEO presence will always have the advantage of standing out online. And while search engine optimization can […]
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How to Claim a Local Listing

Citations, Local Directories, Local Listings, Business listings, whatever you call it, it’s important to know it matters. Local Listings are the foundation of your local SEO efforts; without it, Google would not know where your practice is, what services you offer, and ultimately whether or not to show you in the search results. Yet, they are often overlooked or worst […]
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SEO Guide To A Google-friendly Site

So you want a Google-friendly site, you say? First, let’s change your mindset about SEO being a monthly war with your competition on where you rank. In reality, it is a local campaign that helps provide the best user experience for patients, which in turn can help put you ahead of competitors. Here are a couple tips from your Sesame […]
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Search Engine Keywords Explained

What is a keyword? Sure, you’ve heard the term before and know that it has something to do with making your website show up more in search engines, but how exactly do keywords work? When speaking with our members, the term “keyword” comes up a lot when discussing search strategies. A keyword typically refers to one of three things in […]
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What is a “Keyword”?

The Sesame Search team provides search engine optimization for Sesame members with our Performance Search Engine Optimization Service. When talking to our members, the term “keyword” comes up a lot when discussing search strategies. But what is a “keyword”? Is it a word you enter in your website? Is it a word you send to the search engines? How do […]
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